Museum Conservation Center

About the Museum Conservation Center

The Senator John Heinz History Center’s new Museum Conservation Center provides visitors with professional services and expert advice on how to properly preserve and care for your family heirlooms. Whether you want to preserve a family photo album or your grandmother’s wedding dress, professional conservators with a variety of specialties—including documents, art, textiles, and objects—help ensure your precious artifacts last for years to come.

The nine-floor LEED Certified Green Building also houses the History Center’s artifact collection, which includes more than 32,000 artifacts. The new 55,000-square-foot storage space features Smithsonian-quality lighting, temperature, humidity, pest control, and security.

Conservation Services

The Museum Conservation Center – located behind the History Center at 1221 Penn Ave. in the Strip District – provides visitors with access to the same quality assessment and conservation treatments as museums provide for their own collections. Trained staff will discuss your needs and evaluate the goals for the care and conservation of your objects. After a condition assessment, professional conservators will provide a proposal for treatment and suggestions for long-term display, handling, and proper methods of storage.

Conservation Materials

The Museum Conservation Center offers a variety of archival-quality storage materials for sale and provides instruction on how to protect your heirlooms for future generations.


For more information on the Museum Conservation Center or to schedule an appointment, please contact Barb Conner, conservation services manager, at 412-454-6450 or

The Museum Conservation Center is located directly behind the History Center at 1221 Penn Ave. in the Strip District.