The #Pixburgh Photo Album

If you could add one of your personal photos to #Pixburgh: A Photographic Experience, what would it be?

We’ve asked Pittsburghers to submit to us their best photo that perfectly captures a Pittsburgh experience. In addition to viewing the photos here on our website, these photos will be included inside the #Pixburgh exhibition at the History Center.

Submit Your Photo
ALT:Steeline member Steve Lugarich, November 13, 2016 at the Tilted Kilt on the North Shore for the for the Steelers v. Cowboys Tailgate.| Your #Pixburgh Photo Album | #Pixburgh: A Photographic Experience
ALT:Rick Alcorn (husband, father) Yi-Ching
ALT:Carol Skinger and John P. Horn, Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, 1986.| Your #Pixburgh Photo Album | #Pixburgh: A Photographic Experience