Quiz: Which Pittsburgh historical figure are you?

Now that you’ve enjoyed the quiz, you can learn more about each Pittsburgh historical figure in the following exhibits:

Pittsburgh: A Tradition of Innovation
We Can Do It! WWII
From Slavery to Freedom
Mister Rogers’ Neighboorhood in the Special Collections Gallery
Clash of Empires
Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum

Sarah Reck is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at the Heinz History Center.

15 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Pittsburgh historical figure are you?

  1. Even though he inspired me With Henrietta Pussycat Meow Meow Like Mr. Rogers, I would not have thought I would be like him. Hmmmm. I loved his dedication to the city and the children who lived in it.

  2. Scott, did you know that he was taken to court over a $5000 unpaid bill to a Lawrence County Iron Ore Mine in the 1800’a and had to spend the night in the Lawrence County jail. Sadly to say he took advantage of the mine owner due to the fact that he spoke broken English and mostly French.

  3. Porky Chedwick – The Daddio of the Rad-eo, The Platter Pushing Papa. The Innovator of The Pittsburgh Sound on WAMO Radio 860.

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