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March 26, 2019

Can You Name Five Women Artists?

The Heinz History Center’s collection holds multiple examples of women’s artistic works that demonstrate the challenges they faced and impact they’ve made on Pittsburgh’s cultural life. Here are five of them.

December 24, 2018


Fifty years ago, on December 24, 1968, three Apollo 8 astronauts peered through the small glass window of their command module hatch as they sped around the back side of the Moon. Below them was the cratered gray surface that no human had seen before.

October 23, 2018

Getting to the Moon: Photos from NASA

Starting in 2007, NASA has been scanning and posting hundreds of thousands of its images; the collection grows daily at no cost to taxpayers. I’ve chosen a handful that give a quick look at some of the achievements and missions leading up to Apollo 11; these accompany a feature in the Fall 2018 Western Pennsylvania History magazine.