With more than 40,000 artifacts in our collection, the History Center is committed to preserving the history of our region while providing engaging exhibitions and research that highlights the stories of our shared past.

We collect materials, both artifacts and archives that document the lives of Western Pennsylvanians over the past 250 years. Materials range from the extraordinary to the everyday: major collections from large corporations such as H.J. Heinz, Westinghouse, Alcoa, and Gulf to the tools and textiles of everyday life such as a miner’s helmet or a graduation dress.

Although some material may be collected for a specific exhibition, the vast majority of our collection is preserved in a temperature-controlled environment for future exhibitions, research, or loans. Historic materials may include personal letters, photographs, business records, uniforms (work, sport, recreational), tools, local souvenirs, paintings of Western Pennsylvania, published books or family scrapbooks, hand-made quilts, clothing, and locally-manufactured products.

In addition to general collections, the History Center also has special initiatives for the collection of ethnic artifacts, including the African American Program, the Italian American Program, the Rauh Jewish Archives, and the Westinghouse Collection.

If you are considering donating an object to the History Center’s collections, please contact Emily Ruby, curator, at 412-454-6350 or

If you are considering donating photographs, documents, or other archival material to the History Center’s collections, please contact Carly Lough at 412-454-6367 or