STEAM Programs


Connecting History, Innovations, and Science

Inventions and innovations born in Pittsburgh have impacted the world, and new STEAM [Science, technology, Engineering, Arts, Math] programs aim to connect the historical impact of these achievements with the scientific process and understanding that made them possible. The Pittsburgh: A Tradition of Innovation exhibition introduces students to innovators with tenacity, strong willed women and scientists with a purpose who have all made an incredible impact on the world. These programs encourage students to feel inventive and deepen their interest in the history and future of innovation.

matchupInnovator Match-up

Engage modern interests through connections to great Innovators of the past. Answer these quiz-like questions – “What game do you enjoy playing?”. The result will be an informative introduction to an Innovator. Once you have met your match, get to know the other men and women through their history and impact as Innovators.

mindsetInnovator Mindset

Reflect on personal attributes by interacting with student-made videos discussing the same characteristics they identify in themselves as those highlighted in the digital storytelling of Pittsburgh Innovators. Local students created these tributes as learning tools for their peers.

observeAllegheny Observatory

Interact with a 3D timeline accompanied by a recently produced video, spanning the astronomical work of the Allegheny Observatory and its Directors up until today. Up for a challenge? Will you rank as a Super Nova or a Shooting Star after testing your knowledge with the Observatory quiz.

Programs:  Grades: 4th – 8th | Time: 2 hours | Cost: $8.00 | Reservations: Request form | Contact

betterworld A Better World: Improving the quality of our lives through innovations

Learn about the work of important Pittsburghers as they made change and positively impacted our world. Students will follow in the footsteps of Rachel Carson and become citizen scientists, experiment with food science like H.J. Heinz in pursuit of pure food, and reflect on the impact of Fred Rogers on childhood media as they create their own digital comic.

systems Systems Thinking: Exploring complex systems in history

This program focuses on the dynamics within systems that were as important to past engineers as they are to America’s future innovators. Students evaluate primary sources and the introduction of two innovations to the late 1800s train system, work with modular robotics kits to design and test new robotic systems, and sharpen their systems thinking skills through game design.