Art of Facts | Uncovering Pittsburgh Stories

Marvel at more than 50 eclectic new works of art by members of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators (PSI) as part of the Senator John Heinz History Center’s new exhibition, Art of Facts | Uncovering Pittsburgh Stories, open now in the fifth floor Barensfeld Gallery through April 2018.

The Art of Facts exhibit creatively interprets the rich history of Western Pennsylvania and shares its compelling stories through the art of illustration.

Last year, members of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators – the second largest group of illustrators in the U.S. – were charged with researching, discovering, and sharing those stories in a new and engaging way. The artists’ work featured in the exhibit depicts everything from Andrew Carnegie’s job at age 13 in a textile mill to Walt Disney’s visit to Westinghouse to the story of Pittsburgh’s lost “H,” and much more.

Beyond the major landmarks, groundbreaking discoveries, celebrated achievements, and famous locals, there are captivating details of history that have seldom been shared. Did you know there was once a roller coaster where Point State Park now sits, or that the Gulf Tower is one of the most productive nesting sites for peregrine falcons in Pennsylvania?

The exhibition showcases the talent of artists who work in corporations, publishing, the medical field, science, and a range of other disciplines throughout the region.

Featured artists include: Rick Antolic, Genevieve Barbee-Turner, Mark Bender, John Blumen, Jeff Brunner, Fred Carlson, Ashley Cecil, Ron Magnes, Anni Matsick, Leda Miller, Kurt Pfaff, Kathy Rooney, George Schill, Cindy Strosser, Molly Thompson, Nora Thompson, Emily Traynor, Gregg Valley, Phil Wilson, and Ilene Winn-Lederer.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017, PSI brings those local illustrators together to facilitate artistic and professional growth, advocate for artists’ rights, and promote collective Pittsburgh talent.

In addition to the 53 works of art, the Art of Facts exhibit will feature a video that demonstrates how illustrators work.

Select prints of the art featured in the Art of Facts exhibit are available for purchase in the History Center Museum Shop.

"Pittsburgh Feast," Mark Bender | ART OF FACTS/ Uncovering Pittsburgh Stories | Heinz History Center
"Pittsburgh Feast," Mark Bender
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Art of Facts: Uncovering Pittsburgh Stories
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