School Outreach Program

Fort Pitt Museum Outreach Program

Learn about Fort Pitt and 18th century life in Western Pennsylvania from the comfort of your classroom.

Scheduling a Program

Due to the Fort Pitt Museums’s schedule of events and spring tour season, Outreach Programs are only available September through March. All programs must be arranged at least 30 days in advance.

Please have the following information available:

  • School’s Name, District, and Mailing Address
  • Grade and Number of Students
  • Choice of Two to Three Dates and Times
  • Description of the Classroom/Auditorium and Available Equipment (tables, projector, etc.)
  • Suggested Schedule of Rotations

Please note that submitting an inquiry is not a confirmation of a program.

To inquire about a program, please contact Living History Coordinator, Justin Meinert, at 412-454-6419 or

Base Program Cost

Costumed Interpreter Program – $200

The program includes a single costumed interpreter presenting on a single topic in four 30 min sessions with a 50-student maximum each session (200 student total maximum). Each program begins with a power point presentation of Fort Pitt history and concludes with a presentation on a topic of your choosing (see available topics below). After the presentation, students will have the opportunity to handle reproduction items related to the selected topic. For example, the fur trade program allows students to touch real animal furs and reproduction trade items.

Non-Costumed Assembly Program – $125

The program includes a single non-costumed interpreter presenting on the history of Fort Pitt for one hour for up to 200 students. The school must provide a projector, screen, and microphone (or other sound system).

Current Topics Available

  • Fur Trade
  • Soldier Life

Note: The Soldier Life program includes bringing an unloaded reproduction 18th century musket to the school. Please approve this with your principal and confirm with the Fort Pitt Museum prior to your scheduled program.

Curriculum Standards

The Fort Pitt Outreach Program engages curriculum standards and compliments classroom units on Pennsylvania History according to the Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System.

Program Add-Ons

To enhance your students’ experience, additional educators, craft activities, and games may be added at an additional cost. Please note that any of the game and craft options will require adding 15 min. to the 30 min. session.

Note: The only program add-on available for the Assembly Program is the Fort Pitt gift bag.




2nd Educator and Topic


Add a second educator and topic to your program for the same four 30 minute sessions.

Fort Pitt gift bag

$3 per student

Gift bags include a Fort Pitt pencil, reproduction arrowhead, and Fort Pitt postcard. All gift bag orders must be received at least 30 days prior to scheduled program.

Games and Toys


Students will play with reproduction 18th century toys and play 18th century dice and card games.

Tin Punch Ornaments

$3 per student

Students will briefly learn about tinsmithing and create their own tin punch ornament based off the reproduction lanterns displayed in the Museum. Not recommended for large groups.

Wampum String

$1 per student

Students will learn about wampum belts and make a small wampum string using a leather cord and plastic beads. Not recommended for kindergarten through 3rd grade.