Mayor McNair plays marbles with children in his office.

The Mayors of Pittsburgh

Collection Overview

The City of Pittsburgh was incorporated 200 years ago in March of 1816 and the first mayor was elected in July. It took a while, but in 1879, the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania was founded and began collecting valuable historical material. That collection is now housed in the Thomas & Katherine Detre Library & Archives at the Senator John Heinz History Center. Assembled here are photographs, documents, and other ephemera meant to give you a snapshot of the History Center’s collections featuring 200 years of Pittsburgh’s mayors.

200 Years of Pittsburgh’s Mayors


Ebenezer Denny
John Darragh
John M. Snowden
Magnus Miller Murray
Matthew B. Lowrie
Magnus Miller Murray
Samuel Pettigrew
Dr. Jonas R. McClintock
William Little
William W. Irwin

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James Thomson
Alexander Hay
William J. Howard
Dr. William Kerr
Gabriel Adams
John Herron
Joseph Barker
John B. Guthrie
Robert M. Riddle
Ferdinand E. Volz

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William Bingham
Henry A. Weaver
George Wilson
Benair C. Sawyer
James Lowry, Jr.
William C. McCarthy
James Blackmore
Jared M. Brush
James Blackmore
William C. McCarthy

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Robert Liddell
Robert W. Lyon
Andrew “Andy” Fulton
William McCallin
Henry I. Gourley
Bernard J. McKenna
Henry P. Ford
William J. Diehl
Adam M. Brown
Joseph O. Brown

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William B. Hays
George W. Guthrie
William A. Magee
Joseph G. Armstrong
Edward V. Babcock
William A. Magee
Charles H. Kline
John S. Herron
William N. McNair
Cornelius D. “Conn” Scully

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David L. Lawrence
Thomas J. “Tom” Gallagher
Joseph M. “Joe” Barr
Peter F. “Pete” Flaherty
Richard Caliguiri
Sophie F. Masloff
Thomas J. “Tom” Murphy, Jr.
Robert E. “Bob” O’Connor, Jr.
Luke R. Ravenstahl
William Peduto

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