Education Program Guidelines

Dress Appropriately

Meadowcroft is primarily an outdoor museum. It is important that all field trip participants dress appropriately for the weather. Rainy days are common in the spring so ensure that students bring raincoats, ponchos, or umbrellas when rain is a possibility. Be aware that strongly scented perfumes and hair sprays sometimes attract insects. Insect repellent is permitted. We suggest that all visitors stay on the trails.

Do Not Touch

It is particularly important that students not touch any artifacts unless invited to do so by museum staff. This protects the artifacts and helps to ensure the safety of the students.


Accessibility varies depending on the educational program. The viewing platform at the Meadowcroft Rockshelter is located at the top of 65 steps. Rest areas are provided on the stairwell. The Woodland Encounters program takes place within a forest clearing located at the end of a 150 foot crushed stone trail. Both the trail and the Indian Village are accessible. The 19th century village is partially accessible with some of the buildings having a few steps. We ask that any student with special needs be accompanied by an adult who can help them to navigate the site if necessary. Visually impaired students are welcome and will have many hands-on opportunities as they listen to talks given by museum staff. Teachers are encouraged to call Meadowcroft at 724-587-3412 to discuss any accessibility-related concerns.

Arrival Procedure

Upon arriving at Meadowcroft, the bus should pull up in front of the Visitors Center. While students remain on the bus, the lead teacher should enter the building to purchase tickets and receive instructions. The only restrooms at Meadowcroft are located at the Visitors Center. Students will be given the opportunity to use the restrooms prior to beginning their educational program.


Students will need to bring bagged lunches with them, as only light snacks and soft drinks are available at the museum gift shop. A picnic pavilion, outdoor picnic tables, and limited indoor seating are available on a first-come basis. During pleasant weather, school groups frequently picnic on the grass behind the Visitors Center.

Museum Shop

School groups are welcome to visit the museum gift shop provided they are accompanied by a teacher or chaperone. In addition to regular shopping, the gift shop also offers pre-packaged souvenir gift bags. Please call Meadowcroft at 724-587-3412 to discuss the cost and contents of gift bags. The gift shop is located within the Visitors Center.