Transcript: Meadowcroft – Atlatl Darts [VIDEO]

Our dart here – we have a practice tip on – archery practice tip like that – okay. Natives would have had an arrow, excuse me, a dart made out of different materials where they would have had a nice, what looked like, arrowhead or small spearpoint hafted to the front.

This is rivercane, which they could have obtained a little farther south along the Ohio River. It may have even grown up in parts of Ohio.

So we have here a nice flint point hafted on here, some sinew. Sometimes they made their darts, so we would have what we’d call a foreshaft. Okay here’s a dart I have that’s a practice dart made out of rivercane and it has a foreshaft in it.

So with the foreshaft it’ll come out okay so they could have just three or four darts with them hunting and several foreshafts mounted with the stone points so that if they hit an animal then with that, theoretically that will stay in the animal, and the dart will fall out and they can replace it with another stone point from their pouch and be ready to keep hunting.