Transcript: Meadowcroft – What is a blacksmith? [VIDEO]

So basically what a blacksmith is – the word smith comes from the word smite which means to hit stuff. Now if you work metal with a hammer, we could call you a smith.

You could be lots of different kinds of smiths: you could be a gold smith, copper smith, tin smith, silver smith, lots of different kinds of smiths.

As a blacksmith, I work with iron and steel. Iron and steel are nicknamed the black metals so that’s why I’m called a blacksmith.

So I work with iron and steel and I make lots of very useful things from iron and steel like horseshoes, nails, hooks, garden implements, axes, hoes, plowshares. Pretty much anything you can think of made from iron or steel, this is the place you can really go to get it, or to get it fixed if it broke.