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Western Pennsylvania History

Asian American Heritage at the Heinz History Center, Leslie Przybylek
Celebrating National Nurses Week, Leslie Przybylek
Daisy Lampkin, Heinz History Center
Meet Winnie the Welder, Leslie Przybylek
The Rise and Fall of Pittsburgh’s Diamond Market, Leslie Przybylek
The Tuskegee Airmen, Heinz History Center
The Crawford Grill, Brady Smith
MGM’s “Words and Music,” 1948: A Holiday Turning Point, Leslie Przybylek
Why Women’s History Initiatives Matter, Leslie Przybylek
Dr. Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine, Heinz History Center
Pittsburgh’s Nearly Lost Gothic Tale, Leslie Przybylek
Behind the Portrait: Bill Hartack’s Derby Disappointment of 1958, Leslie Przybylek
Pittsburgh Women in Business: Celebrating National Women’s Small Business Month, Leslie Przybylek
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Columbus?, Melissa E. Marinaro
Pennsylvania Women and the Vote, Sarah Reck
Negro League Centennial: Negro League Baseball in Pittsburgh, Brady Smith
The Numbers Banker’s Safe, David Rotenstein
Exploring Images of John Brown, Leslie Przybylek
Remembering Johnny Majors, Anne Madarasz and Franco Harris
Johnny Garneau: Smorgasbords & Sneeze Guards, Brian Butko
Resilience in Ruffles: A New Look at Pittsburgh’s Suffrage Shirtwaist Ball, Leslie Przybylek
Lieutenant Paige Comes Home, Leslie Przybylek
Victory Half Won: Remembering V-E Day 75 Years Later, Leslie Przybylek
With Mercy and Compassion – National Nurse’s Day, Anne Madarasz
Bells Across Pennsylvania Day, Anne Madarasz
All-Out for Victory Gardens!, Leslie Przybylek
Bootleg Beef and Smuggled Sirloin: Black Market Meat During World War II, Leslie Przybylek
Of Soup and Sustenance: Charity in the Iron City, Leslie Przybylek
Pittsburgh’s Streamline-Deco Greyhound Bus Station, Brian Butko
When Grant Street Got a Zigzag, Brian Butko
5 Surprising Pittsburgh Innovations, Kim Roberts
Rachel Carson: The Pursuit of a Better Environment, Megan Stouffer
The Steel Woman of the Steel City: Catherine Baker Knoll, Heinz History Center
Inspiring Women in Pittsburgh History, Kim Roberts
Congressman James Fulton: Strong on Space, Heinz History Center
Apollo on Earth (and in Outer Space), Emily Ruby
Pittsburgh and the Moon, Emily Ruby
Wait For It: Hamilton in Pittsburgh, Kim Roberts
Tuning in the Holidays: Recalling Pittsburgh’s Connections to the TV Holiday Special, Leslie Przybylek
From Westinghouse to Disney: Exploring Pittsburgh Robotics Past and Present, Heinz History Center
Lloyd Gibson’s WWI Paper Trail, Western Pennsylvania History Magazine
No Soldier Left Behind: Carl’s Story, Western Pennsylvania History Magazine
How English Spelling Defeated Andrew Carnegie, Western Pennsylvania History Magazine
Celebrating National German American Day, Leslie Przybylek
Becoming American: A Selznick is (Almost) Created in Pittsburgh, Leslie Przybylek
Luna’s Legacy: Remembering a Different Trip to the Moon, Leslie Przybylek
Immortalizing Forbes Field: MGM Drafts Pittsburgh for Big Film, Heinz History Center Staff
Dr. Alice Bennett and the Johnstown Flood, Western Pennsylvania History Magazine
Relax, Pittsburgh – It’s National Relaxation Day, Leslie Przybylek
Camp Horne – The Perfect Summer Retreat, Lauren Uhl
Prohibition’s Legacy in Pennsylvania, Carrie Hadley
The Edible Schoolyard, Lauren Uhl
Who’s the Tom Tucker on your Mint Ginger Ale?, Brian Butko
Pretzels and Prohibition: The Tangled Fate of the “German Biscuit”, Leslie Przybylek
In Vino Veritas: The Tradition of Winemaking in the Italian American Home, Melissa E. Marinaro
A Stamp on American Culture: Fred Rogers and Elvis Presley, Mariruth Leftwich Ph.D.
Lois Weber, First American Woman Film Director, Lauren Uhl
The James A. Dorsey Story, Lauren Uhl
Will You Sign the Pledge?: Francis Murphy and Pittsburgh’s Great Temperance Movement, History Center Staff
The Olympics on Ice: Herb Drury, History Center Staff
Nellie Bly: A Race Against Time, Western Pennsylvania History Magazine
Consider the Can: Beer Can Appreciation Day, Leslie Przybylek
Pittsburgh’s Santa, George Heid, Brian Butko
A Pivotal Moment – December 23, 1972: The Immaculate Reception, Anne Madarasz
Christmas at Buhl Planetarium and its Miniature Railroad, Brian Butko
Celebrating an American Brew, Leslie Przybylek
Isaly’s: A Recipe for Good Food, Brian Butko
The Incredible Journey of the Steamboat New Orleans, Leslie Przybylek
“They’re Coming to Get You:” Night of the Living Dead, Brady Smith
Manufacturing Thrills: The Legacy of Western Pennsylvania’s Roller Coaster Pioneers, Leslie Przybylek
Remembering the Island Queen, Leslie Przybylek
Last Ride of Summer: West View Park and the Nostalgia for Lost Amusement Parks, Leslie Przybylek
The Girls of Summer: All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, Anne Madarasz
Locating Luna Park, Brian Butko
Picturing Protest: The Great Railroad Strike of 1877, Leslie Przybylek
The Homestead Steel Strike: Perspective on the Past, Anne Madarasz
Becoming American: The Rajcan Story, Lauren Uhl
The Real Johnny Appleseed, Brady Smith
Redd Up Pittsburgh!, Leslie Przybylek
Pittsburgh: The City of Bridges, Brady Smith
Rodman’s Big Gun, Andy Masich
The St. Patrick’s Day Flood of 1936, Brady Smith
Won’t You Be My Neighbor?: A Portrait of Fred Rogers, History Center Staff
Breaking Down Barriers: Paul Lawrence Peeler and the Pittsburgh Public Schools, Samuel W Black
A Jazz Legacy: Mary Lou Williams, Brady Smith
Picture, Picture on the Wall: A Brief History of Early Photography, Leslie Przybylek
Awaiting the Arrival of Old St. Nick, Leslie Przybylek
Riot Gear and Red Vests: Remembering 1968 with the Pittsburgh Police Collection, Eleanor DePastino
Pittsburgh Aviator Calbraith Perry Rodgers, Lauren Ball
Whoooo Will You Be on Halloween?: The Changing Face of America’s Spookiest Holiday, Leslie Przybylek
Pittsburgh’s Diverse Immigrant Past & Present, Matthew Strauss
Samuel Langley: Pioneering Standard Time, Lauren Ball
A Trip to Pittsburgh’s Suburbs, Sierra Green
A First Glimpse Through the Liberty Tunnels, Leslie Przybylek
Help the History Center Get Outdoors, Leslie Przybylek
Oh Strip District, Where Art Thou?, Lauren Uhl
Raise Your Glass! Documenting Pittsburgh’s “Watering Holes”, Leslie Przybylek
John Brashear’s Forgotten Time Capsule, Liz Simpson
#Pixburgh: Be a Part of History!, Library & Archives Staff
Interview with Golf Great Carol Semple Thompson, Angela Gaitaniella
Oakmont Country Club, Lauren Ball
Uncovering Crime: Documenting Pittsburgh’s Criminal Past, Leslie Przybylek
Of Bells and Fire: Artifacts Recall April 10, 1845, Leslie Przybylek
The Mystery of Pittsburgh’s “Ghost Bomber”, Ned Schano
New Pittsburghese Guide Helps Yinz with Local Speech, Western Pennsylvania History Magazine
Go Outside and Play!, Lauren Uhl
Holiday Windows in Downtown Pittsburgh, Leslie Przybylek
Tic Toc, the Arcade Bakery, & Kaufmann’s Department Store, Emily Ruby
A “Great Base Ball Tournament”, Craig Britcher
From Stands to Stadium: Josh Gibson, Ryan Hreczkosiej
Michael Musmanno and the Nuremberg Trials, Liz Simpson
Food Fights for Freedom, Lauren Uhl
Remembering Billy Strayhorn, Samuel W Black
Heinz: Much More than 57 Varieties, Brian Butko
Pittsburgh Pirates: Roberto Clemente’s Rookie Season, Brady Smith
Zippo Lighters Lit the Way in World War II, Liz Simpson

At the History Center

Jasmine Cho’s Portraits in Icing, Leslie Przybylek
Martha Graham Inspires Modern Dance in Pittsburgh, Leslie Przybylek
Events Spotlight: Wedding Postponement in the Midst of COVID-19, Cassie Horrell and Shelby Starks
Quiz: Which Influential Pittsburgh woman are you?, Sarah Reck
Hats Off! Celebrating Headwear on National Hat Day, Sarah Reck
It’s a Beautiful Day at the History Center, Kim Roberts
Pull Up a Chair at the History Center, Megan Stouffer
Top Spots for Kids at the Heinz History Center, Megan Stouffer
5 Reasons to Visit the History Center This Holiday Season, Kim Roberts
Q&A with Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter, Kim Roberts
Test Your Heinz Knowledge, Heinz History Center
The Lega Toscana in the 21st Century: A Digital Humanities Case Study, Melissa Marinaro
Count Down to Destination Moon with these Staff Picks, Kim Roberts
Meet the History Center Docent Community, Laura Myers
Of Beer and Taxes: Prohibition’s Connection to the National Income Tax, Leslie Przybylek
Curator Q&A: Leslie Przybylek and American Spirits, Kim Roberts
Never a Dill Moment on National Pickle Day, Sarah Reck
Top 5 Instagram-Worthy Spots at the History Center, Kim Roberts
Five Spooky Artifacts Perfect for Halloween, History Center Staff
Celebrate African American History at the History Center, History Center Staff
Quiz: Which Pittsburgh Innovator are You?, Sarah Reck
Behind the Scenes: Night at the History Museum, Nate Rodda
Researching & Writing with the Italian American Program, Melissa E. Marinaro
The Childhood Toy You Wish You Had, Sarah Reck
Quiz: Which Classic Toy are You?, Sarah Reck
The History Center STEAMs Ahead, History Center Education Department
What Your Donation Supported at the History Center in 2015, Elizabeth McMullen
Must-See Holiday Highlights at the History Center, Anne Madarasz
From the Museum Shop: Cookbooks, Cocktails, and Holiday Cheer, Beth Muth
Eight Days of Hanukkah, David Schlitt
Spotlight on the Sherman, Leslie Przybylek
An In-Depth Look at the Italian American Program, Melissa E. Marinaro
#AskaCurator: Part 2, Sarah Reck
#AskaCurator: Part 1, Sarah Reck
Italian Heritage Day, Melissa Marinaro
From the Museum Shop: Map Mania!, Beth Muth
A History of Curtiss-Wright During WWII, Liz Simpson
Becoming History Detectives, Nate Rodda
You Never Know What You’ll Find at Pittsburgh’s Hidden Treasures, Sarah Reck
So How Do You Move a 38-Ton Sherman Tank?, Brady Smith
Quiz: Which Pittsburgh historical figure are you?, Sarah Reck
First Frontier Mechanized Cavalry, Leslie Przybylek
We Can Do It! WWII Opening Day, Brady Smith
Women’s History Month: Political Leaders, Anne Madarasz
10 Must-Sees at the History Center, Sarah Reck

Collection Spotlight

The Heinz Pickle Pin, Heinz History Center
80th Anniversary of the Jeep, Brady Smith
Tiger Brand Paint, Liz Simpson
From the Author: New Italian American Collection Book, Melissa E. Marinaro
Pop Positive: The Art of Burton Morris, Anne Madarasz
“Lifting as we climb”: The Aurora Reading Club Records, Iris Afantchao
Exploring Holiday Culinary Identity, an Intern’s Story, Nick Karafilis
Heinz: Mottoes and 57 Varieties, Emily Ruby
Heinz: First Products and an Innovative Factory, Emily Ruby
Heinz Pier and the World’s Fairs, Emily Ruby
Heinz: Bottles and Product Labels and Advertising Cards, Emily Ruby
The Vietnam War: The Press on the Front Lines, Megan Stouffer
The Vietnam War: The Press on the Front Lines, Megan Stouffer
The Food of Fallingwater: A Look at the Elsie Henderson Papers and Photographs, Iris Afantchao
Can You Name Five Women Artists?, Leslie Przybylek
A Few of our Curators’ Favorite Things, Sarah Reck
Gobbling Up Thanksgiving with Pittsburgh Flare, Heinz History Center
George Romero’s Undying Legacy, Heinz History Center
Look for the Helpers: Mister Rogers & Officer Clemmons, Emily Ruby
Pysanky on Ice, Anne Madarasz
Rare Martin Delany Signed Document, Samuel W Black
Pittsburgh Gets a Tommy Gun, 1929, Leslie Przybylek
The Mystery of the McKeesport Menorah, Eric Lidji
From Cucina to Grocery Store: The Evolution of Pasta-Making in American Homes, Melissa E. Marinaro
Quel Mazzolin di Fiori: I Campagnoli and the Italian American Folk Revival, Melissa E. Marinaro
Could this be the oldest photograph of a Pittsburgher? … Maybe, Tom Powers
It’s National Love Your Pet Day!, Leslie Przybylek
Your Ticket to the Inauguration, Carrie Hadley
A Very Aluminum Christmas, Matt Strauss
Nativity Scenes From Around the World, History Center Staff
Mid-Century Modern: The Taylor Family Collection, Lauren Uhl
Freedom and Coal Towns: A Portrait, Amanda Seim
Women’s Right to Vote, Carrie Hadley
John Woodruff at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Craig Britcher
What a Political Ribbon Shows About the Political Process, Carrie Hadley
The Slinky – “A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing!”, Brady Smith
Pennsylvania Political Ephemera Through the Years, Carrie Hadley
5 Toys From Your Childhood That You Might Not Remember, Emily Ruby
Sandy Andy & Sunny Suzy from the Wolverine Toy Company, Janine Kickler
Doll or “Action Figure”, Emily Ruby
Mr. Potato Head Funny-Face Kit, Emily Ruby
Tools of Oppression: Cotton Cards, Samuel W Black
What’s for Dinner?, Lauren Uhl
Sign of Greatness, Anne Madarasz
An American in China: Sgt. Bus Means, Leslie Przybylek
An Amusement Park in Miniature, Emily Ruby
John F. Leahy, FBI During WWII, Leslie Przybylek
Mildred Martin Allen and the Hill District’s Satellites Softball Team, Craig Britcher
Bertha Lamme, Engineer, Anne Madarasz

From the Desk of Andy Masich

A Message from Andy Masich, Andy Masich
Rules of Civility and Social Distancing, Andy Masich
Earthrise, Andy Masich
The Real Rosie the Riveter, Andy Masich
The Fabric of America, Andy Masich
See the Jeep as a Lady, Andy Masich
Washington, Lincoln, and the Fourth of July in Pennsylvania, Andy Masich
Cannonballs Unearthed at the Allegheny Arsenal, Andy Masich

Wilderness & Warfare at the Fort Pitt Museum

A Season for Diplomacy, Mike Burke
Nicholas Cresswell’s Journey on the Ohio in 1775, Mike Burke
Who is There to Mourn for Logan?, Alan Gutchess
The African American Experience in Pittsburgh, Virginia – Part 1, Mike Burke
The African American Experience in Pittsburgh, Virginia – Part 2, Mike Burke
The G. Biler / Fort Duquesne Powder Horn, Mike Burke
Artist Robert Griffing, Kathleen Lugarich
The Fort Pitt Museum Celebrates 50 Years (Part 2), Kathleen Lugarich
The Fort Pitt Museum Celebrates 50 Years (Part 1), Kathleen Lugarich
Diseases Affecting 18th-Century Soldiers at Fort Pitt, Justin Meinert
Five Frontier Women, Kathleen Lugarich
Lord Dunmore’s War, Kathleen Lugarich
5 Can’t-Miss Artifacts at Fort Pitt, Mariah Simensky
Wintering in the Ohio Country with James Smith, Justin Meinert
Forks of the Ohio Homeschool Series, Kathleen Lugarich
West and South from Philadelphia: Early American Powder Horns Made by Horners, Combmakers, & Turners, Mike Burke
Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Birthday Pittsburgh!, Mike Burke
Fascinating Facts for Fort Pitt’s 50th, Kathleen Lugarich
The Delaware Treaty of 1778, Mike Burke
Q&A with Re-enactor Jeremy Turner, Kim Roberts
Fort Pitt During the Revolutionary War: General Brodhead’s Expedition, The Fort Pitt Museum
Book Review: “Drums in the Forest”, The Fort Pitt Museum
Women at Fort Pitt During the French & Indian War, Justin Meinert
Q&A with Re-enactor Floyd Dierker, Kim Roberts
Don’t Tread on Me: The Flag of Colonel John Proctor’s 1st Battalion of Westmoreland County, Pa., Mike Burke
Q&A with Living Historian Elizabeth Hobbs, Kim Roberts
Have a Historic Summer at the Fort Pitt Museum, Kathleen Lugarich
Chief Glenna Wallace: First Female Chief of the Eastern Shawnee, Fort Pitt Museum Staff
Happy Birthday, Nat Youngblood!, Jaclyn Sternick
Clothing the Royal Americans, Part 3, Justin Meinert
Clothing the Royal Americans, Part 3, Justin Meinert
Bound by Tradition: Prisoner Restraints in the Captive Experience, Mike Burke
The Sole Surviving Colonel – Thomas Dunbar, Kathleen McLean
Hurricane Agnes and the Fort Pitt Museum, Jaclyn Sternick
Mrs. Bard’s Spoon, Mike Burke
This Summer at the Fort Pitt Museum, Kathleen McLean
Using Theater to Teach History, Kathleen McLean
Clothing the Royal Americans, Part 2, Justin Meinert
Clothing the Royal Americans, Part 1, Justin Meinert
Cleaning the Fort Pitt Diorama, Jaclyn Sternick
Volunteer Spotlight: James Sheehan, Kathleen McLean
Portrait of a Frontiersman: James Smith, Mike Burke
Constructing the French Forts of the Ohio Country, Kathleen McLean
A Short History of Five Paintings: The Forbes Expedition by Nat Youngblood, Jaclyn Sternick
A Closer Look: An 18th Century Cannon, Justin Meinert
No Giant Eagle for Fort Pitt!, Kailey Dunmire
“I had to take the fife and use it”, Justin Meinert
The Life and Myth of Simon Girty, Mike Burke
Making Massy Harbison, Megan Shalonis
3 Things Not to Miss This Summer at Fort Pitt, Kathleen McLean

Discover Meadowcroft

Vintage Base Ball Q&A with Adam Johnson, Kim Roberts
The Wonders of Spring at Meadowcroft, David Scofield
Women in Trade and Manufacturing, Sarah Kizina
Meadowcroft’s Winter Work, Andrew Donovan
Cross Creek Cabin Construction, Andrew Donovan
Plant Life at Meadowcroft, Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village
How Do We Know People Used the Meadowcroft Rockshelter 19,000 Years Ago?, David Scofield
The Riot of Cliftonville, Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village
Apples on the 18th-Century Frontier, David Scofield
What to Do at Meadowcroft, Andrew Donovan
5 Questions with Blacksmith Dewayne Curry, Kim Roberts
5 Questions with Interpreter Lisa Maust, Kim Roberts
5 Questions with Interpreter Sarah Kizina, Kim Roberts
5 Questions with 19th-Century Schoolmaster Gary Ford, Kim Roberts
Top 10 Rockshelter Features, Dave Scofield
Making Meadowcroft: The Reclamation, Andrew Donovan
5 Questions with Dr. Adovasio, Kim Roberts
The Discovery of the Miller , Jim Ulery
Making Meadowcroft: From Historic Village to Historic Landmark, Andrew Donovan
Prehistoric Hunting and the Atlatl, Dave Scofield
Making Meadowcroft: From Camp to Village, Andrew Donovan
5 Reasons to Visit Meadowcroft This Season, Kim Roberts
Camp Meadowcroft, Mark Kelly
American Culinary Tastes Over Time, Sarah Kizina
The Search For Eagles at Meadowcroft, David Scofield
West Middletown Photography and “America’s National Game”, Meadowcroft Staff
Meadowcroft’s Pine Bank Covered Bridge, David Scofield
Wheat in Washington County, Mark Kelly
Meadowcroft’s Own Groundhog Day, David Scofield
The Miller One-Room School House, Mark Kelly
It’s Not Your Average Weekend, Andrew Donovan
The Vultures of Meadowcroft, David Scofield
Vintage Base Ball at Meadowcroft, David Scofield
Transportation Through Time, Bonnie Reese
Albert Miller, Renaissance Man, David Scofield
How do they do it?: Recreating and Maintaining a Prehistoric Indian Village, Andrew Donovan

Library & Archives

Matzah, Made in Pittsburgh, Eric Lidji
Moishe Oysher: A Legend Comes to Pittsburgh, Library & Archives
The Story of a Box of Candles: “A Beautiful Gift of Memory”, Eric Lidji
Why Tell Your Story? A Reflection on October 27, Eric Lidji
Celebrating the Americans with Disabilities Act: Paul Dick, Sierra Green
A Life, in Art: Shelly Blumenfeld, Eric Lidji
Maude Y. Hawkins: Charting an Independent Path, Matt Strauss
The Nine Jobs of Barney May, Eric Lidji
Pittsburgh’s Fight Against Tuberculosis, Matt Strauss
Annie Jacobs Davis: “The Mother of Montefiore Hospital”, Catelyn Cocuzzi
Experiencing History: Collecting Materials Related to the COVID-19 Response in Western Pennsylvania, Library & Archives Staff
Help, Heartbreak, and Hope from a Century Ago, Eric Lidji
Exploring the Kennywood Park Collection, Library & Archives Staff
The Last Letters, Eric Lidji
A Remnant from the Final Days of Yiddish Theater in Pittsburgh, Eric Lidji
At the Shirtwaist Ball, Library & Archives Staff
Jacob Evanson: Song Catcher, Library & Archives Staff
Putting Faces to Names: Exploring Italian American Identity with Photo IDs, Library & Archives Staff
Local Families, Global Mysteries: Offering Hope and Haven to German Jews, Library & Archives Staff
Local Families, Global Mysteries: Tangled Family Ties, Linking Pittsburgh & Manchuria, Library & Archives Staff
Investigating the Ray Sprigle Papers and Photographs, Matthew Strauss
Advocacy on Record: The Collection of the ACC-PARC, Sierra Green
The Spencer Family Valentine Hunt, Sierra Green
The Westinghouse Time Capsule, Library & Archives Staff
A Very Aluminum Christmas, Matt Strauss
Reading the Menus, Rosemary Kovacs
The Steelworker’s Work Whistle on VE Day: Three Dots and a Dash, Library & Archives Staff
The Heinz Passover Ad Campain’t, David Schlitt
Camp James Weldon Johnson, Matthew Strauss
The Secret History of a Famous Westinghouse Photograph, Library & Archives Staff
Documenting a Historic Rivalry: Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns, John Paul Deley
American Archives Month at the History Center, Sierra Green
A Different Kind of History, Rosemary Kovacs
Mrs. Soffel and the Biddle Boys, Sierra Green
Cookbooks with a Cause, Sierra Green
Arthur Buchman’s Cards Home, Matthew Strauss
150 Years Ago: Lincoln’s Assassination, Matthew Strauss
Helen MacCloskey, Pioneer Aviatrix, Library & Archives Staff

Concerning Conservation & Care

Treatment of the Portrait Miniature of Ebenezer Denny, Nicole Lauletta
How to Care for Textiles, Barbara Conner
World War II Correspondence in a Candy Box, Barbara Conner
A Year in Black and White, Barbara Conner