Social Media Policy

The Senator John Heinz History Center is an educational institution that engages and inspires large and diverse audiences through programs that enable links to the past, understanding in the present, and guidance for the future by preserving regional history and presenting the American experience with a Western Pennsylvania connection.

We encourage visitors to the History Center, Sports Museum, Fort Pitt Museum, and Meadowcroft to share their experiences on social media. We strive to ensure that our social media channels and website blog provide a public forum for respectful discussion and dialogue.

The Heinz History Center reserves the right to hide, remove, or report any posts, comments, or content that include the following:

The use of threatening language, harassment, racism, bullying, profanity, attacks on or intimidation of any party, including our online community members or the History Center’s staff; malicious speech regarding topics of gender, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, age, ethnic origin or race; sexist comments; hate speech; suggestion or encouragement of illegal activities; and demeaning remarks about personal appearance.

Failure to provide appropriate explanatory context for any links, photos, and videos you post.

Repeated posts to our Facebook wall, which may be treated as spam and deleted; repeat offenders may be banned.

Information that is false, inaccurate, or misleading.

The inclusion of third-party intellectual property, such as any copyright-protected material, trademarks or logos and/or any violations of rights of publicity or privacy

The solicitation or marketing of products or services.

Spam, malicious, or fraudulent links.

Please note: the Heinz History Center reserves the right to ban repeat offenders from posting on our platforms.

By posting, commenting, or replying on one of our posts on our social media channels or on our website’s blog, you are agreeing to abide by this policy and that of particular platform you are utilizing.

The Heinz History Center’s social media policy is designed to provide our online community with a positive experience on our platforms. We hope you find our social content to be educational, thought-provoking, and inspiring.

We encourage you to contact us at with any issues, questions, or suggestions on how we can improve your social media experience.

This Social Media Policy may change from time to time. The Heinz History Center reserves the right to change it without notice.

Last updated April 2019.

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