Transcript: Toys Exhibit – Hidden Gems [VIDEO]

Michael Dubois, Director of Exhibits and Design, Heinz History Center:

My name is Michael Dubois. I’m director of exhibits and design at the Heinz History Center, and this is the Toys of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s exhibit.

Some of the wonderful parts of the exhibit are all those little easter eggs that are in the exhibit. If you go through the exhibit, you will see something new every single time. Every living room, every set has some piece. In the ’50s living room there’s some hidden gems. In the ’60s living room – I don’t want to give them all away – but if you look in the lamp there’s a little surprise Cootie in there. And in the garage there’s a jart that’s sticking into the roof of the garage. Just little details the make the exhibit really wonderful.