So How Do You Move a 38-Ton Sherman Tank?

Recent visitors to the Heinz History Center probably have noticed a BIG new addition to the museum’s exterior.

The massive green U.S. Army tank parked in front of the building’s Smithsonian Wing is no prop – it’s an authentic 1944 M4 Sherman tank that fought in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.

Since the History Center coordinated the delivery of the 38-ton tank in June to complement the We Can Do It! WWII exhibition, the question has been continuously asked: how did you pull that off?

Good question!

We provide the answer and also reveal exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the big tank move in this new video.

Enjoy it and find out more about how the tank rolled into the Strip!

Don’t miss the History Center’s new We Can Do It! WWII exhibit to explore Western Pennsylvania’s incredible impact on the home, industrial, and battle fronts during World War II.

Brady Smith is the Director of Marketing and Communications at the History Center.

3 thoughts on “So How Do You Move a 38-Ton Sherman Tank?

  1. How do you move a tank? With a tank retrieval vehicle,, a large tow truck or try turning the ignition key and if the engine starts, drive the thing. Simple, isn’t it?

    1. I really feel bad for the veterans in the older model flaming coffin Shermans they really had to watch otherwise the German tigers etc would send them to fiery grave in a steel coffin . These men were true heroes of this country !

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