Commemorative Gifts

From footballs and hockey pucks to personalized time capsules, Commemorative Gifts offer the chance to make your history a part of ours at “the Smithsonian’s home in Pittsburgh.”

Support award-winning exhibitions and public programs designed for current and future generations by purchasing a Commemorative Gift today.

For additional information about Commemorative Gifts or to purchase one, please contact Lauren Meals at or 412-454-6351.

Commemorative Tiles

Pay tribute to a loved one or commemorate a milestone with a 6″x12″ tile in the History Center’s iconic Great Hall. Made of aluminum or stainless steel, each engraved tile will join the ranks of history. Visitors who purchase tiles are also invited to write a 250-word tribute on the History Center’s website.


If you have a commemorative tile already and would like to find its location, please use our commemorative tile database for your search.


Cost: Tiles are available for contributions of $500 (steel) or $1,000 (aluminum).

Time Capsules

Preserve your own piece of history with a personalized time capsule. Work with History Center professionals to preserve photographs, medals, and other special mementos for future generations. Each time capsule is secured inside a uniquely designed wall in the museum’s Smithsonian Wing.


Cost: Time capsules are available for contributions of $1,500 (aluminum), $2,500 (brass), $5,000 (stainless steel) and include a 1-year Friends & Family membership.


Do you bleed Black and Gold? Show your Pittsburgh pride by autographing a hockey puck, baseball, bat, or football to be displayed in the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum. Honor your favorite athlete or fan with an engraved plaque on our Black and Gold Wall in the Sports Museum.


Cost: All sports commemorative items are available for a contribution of $250.

Autograph Wall

Show your Pittsburgh pride by autographing a standard-sized hockey puck or baseball to be displayed in the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum. Become part of history alongside your favorite athletes, or pay tribute to family and friends with these unique commemorative items.

Footballs and Baseball Bats

Immortalize your family with this unique gift idea. Standard-sized footballs and baseball bats autographed by you or the individual of your choice will be displayed in custom-made racks on the Sports Museum’s top floor “bridge.” A small bronze plaque near the display will identify the donor.