Library & Archives Accessions

Summer 2018

Updated July 2018


Beth Israel Center: Beth Israel Center (Jefferson Hills, Pa.) Records additions
Marcia Frumerman: Marcia Frumerman Papers
Barbara Byer Rosenberg: Charles Byer Papers
Claire Iszauk: Hebrew Ladies Beneficial Society (McKeesport, Pa.) and Rabbi Jacob Friedman Photograph
Temple B’nai Israel: Temple B’nai Israel (McKeesport and White Oak, Pa.) Records
Lynne S. Jacobson: Pittsburgh Conference of Jewish Women’s Organizations Records
Amy Lowenstein: Comins, Lowenstein and Goldberg Family Papers
Carol and Howard Lang: Carol and Howard Lang Oral History
Robert Myers: J. Robert Myers Oral History
Lynn Saul: Fannie Siegel Robbins Oral History
Kathleen Zimbicki: Kathleen Cochran Zimbicki Papers and Photographs
Tim Menees: Tim Menees Papers
John K. Orndorff, Jr.: J.S. Crutchfield Papers
Ketchum Inc. Pittsburgh: Ketchum Inc. Records
Michael Ehrmann: Michael Ehrmann Postcard Collection
Homer Smith: Homer Smith Papers and Photographs
Judith Steel: Duquesne Incline tickets
Elaine B. and Carl Krasik: Carl and Elaine Krasik Collection of Political Memorabilia additions
Charlotte O’Neil Oliver: Harper and Irish Family Papers
Jody Shapiro: Jody Shapiro Western Pennsylvania Ephemera Collection
Victoria Chess: Benjamin Thaw Family Papers
Robert Carroll: Gus Miller Papers and Photographs additions
Rev. John McCall: William Findley Letter
Shirley Schwartz: Shirley H. Schwartz Menu Collection
Stephen Cambria: Charles Cathral Craft Diary
Cynthia Cooley: Cynthia Cooley Papers additions
Angeles Lopez-Portillo Stiteler: Angeles Lopez-Portillo Stiteler Papers additions
Kirk Savage: Westinghouse Homewood Works Photographs
Kathie Sterling: Joseph Rabel Pittsburgh Bicentennial Parade Slides
Rep. Edith Tucker: Program, Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce banquet honoring President Taft
David Kessler: Grand Army of the Republic Photograph
Iris Przybylek: Duquesne Fishing Club of Pittsburgh, Pa. Photograph
Robert T. Schwer: Joseph Perhach Papers, Matthew D. Krejdovsky
Cheryl Baird: Verbanec Family Photographs
David Fink: David Fink Photograph
Marcia Rush in memory of John J. Rush: John J. Rush Papers and Photographs
National Park Service: American Window Glass Company Records
Dorothy Jacox: Herbertson and McGrew Family Papers and Photographs
Tina Williams Brewer: “Exploring Personal Stories Through Art: Dream Pillows, June 2006” (DVD)
Joseph Strupek: St. Joseph Lead Company Plant Photograph
Sam Mullin: Agreement between Monaca Division of Zinc Corporation of America and United Steelworkers of America, AFL-CIO
Jim Reese: St. Joseph Lead Company Records additions
John Murtha: John Murtha Papers on St. Joseph Lead Company
Lucille Chebatoris: Mascaro and Cerminara Family Glass Plate Negatives
Judy Beman: Cooper Family Papers and Photographs
Gift of Robert J. and Cathy Trombetta: James Rees Company “Columbia” Blueprint
Benjamin Palermo: Benjamin “Bucky” Palermo Oral History
Tom Powers: Tom Powers Collection on Bucky Palermo
Marian Mignona: Edward Ruglovsky Papers
Barry H. Kart: Errol Garner town House souvenir menu and Pittsburgh Steelers ticket stub
Robert A. Stewart: Berry-Moales Family Papers
Jack Boyle: Jack Boyle 1960 World Series Scrapbook
Gregory Antonelli Sheffer: Tush Store Records
Charles Vogel: Walter R. Vogel 1936 Flood 16mm film and DVD
James Busch: 1950 Trolley Pass
John Barsotti and Nino Barsotti: Giancarlo (John) and Nino Barsotti Oral History
Suzanne Burtt: Koppers Records, Consol Energy Records
Jonathan Halpern: Additions to the Mollie Lyon Papers
Tina Calabro: Spencer Simon Photographs of Selma Burke
Reed Agnew: Westinghouse Corporate Design Center Records (additions to Phil Andrews Papers)
Andrew and Georgia Zeedick: Additions to the Andrew and Georgia Zeedick Papers
Eileen Flinn: 1964 Democratic National Convention passes and NAACP telegram
Noel Family: William Bingham Daguerreotype
Maxine Brunwasser: Brunwasser Family Papers
Lynne S. Jacobson: Eisenfeld Family Papers
Blair Jacobson: Jacobson Family Papers and Photographs
Sheri Sable: Jewish Home for Babies and Children Records additions
Estate of Virgil Cantini: Virgil Cantini Papers additions
Adi Rapport: Betty and Saul Steinfeld Papers and Photographs
Al Kovacik Jr.: Kovacik Family Papers
Carolee Burack: Additions to the Beth Israel Center Records
Ed Feinstein: Kalson Family Papers and Photographs
Birmingham United Church of Christ: Birmingham United Church of Christ Records additions
Anita Kornblit: Congregation Poale Zedeck Records additions
Alden W. Cohen: Jacob A. Cohen Papers
Westinghouse SURE: Westinghouse Electric Corporation Executive Portrait Photographs and original charter (reproduction)

Debra Iszauk: Temple B’nai Israel Sisterhood minutes (Additions to the Temple B’nai Israel Records)
Rabbi Sara Rae Perman: Greater Pittsburgh Rabbinic Association Records, Rabbi Sara Rae Perman Papers
Jeff Dirling in memory of Robert Burke: Robert Burke Pirates and Steelers Commemorative Envelope Collection
John H. Miller: Kennedy Family Papers and Photographs
Jack Haims: Edward Haims letter from Mayor Edward A. DeCarbo
Betty Lou Margolis: Uniontown High School 1948 Graduating Class records
Dave Bernabo: Dave Bernabo Moving Images
Estate of Frank Gottlieb: Frank Gottlieb Papers and Photographs
Janet Stewart: Walliser and Stewart Family Papers and Photographs
Dr. Jerome (Jay) Apt: Dr. Jerome Apt Papers and Photographs
Beaver Area Heritage Foundation: Mellon-Stuart Company Photographs
Florence E. Mehalic: Oakdale School Board Records
Kathleen Weber: Michael Moran Photographs
Scott Loveridge: McQuiston Family Papers
Andy Downs: Jack Henry 1941 Roller Derby Season Pass
Carl Trakofler: Hungerman Family Paper s
Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh: United Jewish Federation Records additions
Jewish Association on Aging: Jewish Association on Aging Records Additions, Ladies Auxiliary, and Jewish Home for the Aged Records
Sam Zolten: Sam Zolten Papers on “Missing McKeesport”
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church: St. Luke’s Lutheran Church (West View, Pa.) Records
Shirley Kurtz: Saul Kurtz Papers and Photographs
Lowell Lustig: Lando Theatre Posters
Ruth Schrag: Ruth Schrag Oral History
Phyllis Ackerman: Phyllis Ackerman Oral History
Terry Poe: Elsie and Max Knitter Houseboat Photograph
Stanley Glickstein: Stanley Glickstein Oral History
Jill Lintelman: William Wolfe letters, Advance Guard newspaper front page, American Fishing and Hunting Club clipping and lodging list
Pittsburgh Board of Education: Pittsburgh Board of Education Friends of Art Records
Ina Gerson Sable: Temple Israel (New Castle, Pa.) Photographs
Thomas Schmidt: Adolph and Helen Schmidt Family Papers and Photographs
Mimi Geroux: Schenley High School 1922 Graduation Class Photograph
Reed Agnew: Junta Records additions
Somer Obernauer: Obernauer Family Papers and Photographs additions
Albert Hall: Albert Hall Sports Collection
Carole Davis: Robert H. Davis Papers additions
Patricia Hazen: Kearney Family Kaufmann’s Department Store Photograph
Lloyd Franklin Stamy, Jr.: Barbara Lee Owens Stamy Papers and Photographs
Maurice Nernberg: Maurice Nernberg Papers and Photographs
Art Glaser, Jr.: Annette and Arthur Glaser Family Papers and Photographs
Elaine Harris: Additions to the Pittsburgh Society of Artists Records
Al K. DeRoy: Additions to the Patricia K. and Ralph L. DeRoy family papers
Melissa McSwigan: H. John Heinz III and Maria Teresa Ferreira Heinz wedding announcement
Mary Strezeski: Strezeski family papers and photographs
Brian Butko: Andrew Butko Papers
Becky Keevican: Cinderella Ball Committee Records and Photographs additions
Pamela Golden: Aurora Reading Club Records additions
John C. McMichael: Corporal William Vance Hays and Nellie Hays Schall Papers and Photographs (Hays Family Papers)
Betsy van Sickle: Father Andrew Bjalabok Photographs
Mary Ellen Butler: Craft and Rose Family Papers
Stephanie Pierre: Elizabeth Wilkinson Wade (Bessie Bramble) Family Photographs
Derrick L. Tillman: Labor Lyceum Demolition Digital Photographs
Dan Walzer: Forbes Health System Records and Photographs, Armstrong Cork Company manual and brochure
Mary Lu Donnelly: Young Peoples Synagogue, Bohnai Yisrael records, Mary Lu Donnelly Papers
Martin Christopher: Frank Christopher Papers and Photographs additions
David Berman: Northcentral Pennsylvania Jewish Community Research
Dena Chottiner: Pittsburgh Conference of Jewish Women’s Organizations, Z.L. and Dora Weiss Family Papers and Photographs
Donald Lancaster and Faye Bradwick: Faye Bradwick and Donald Lancaster Collection additions
Heid Family: George Heid Sr. Sound Recordings
Gene Charleton: Eugene Charleton Pittsburgh Brewing Co. Photographs
Derek Shaw: Dr. Byron Shaw Papers and Photographs
Donald Downs: Donald Downs Photographs
Michael Schuwerk: Stringer Family Photographs
Hamilton Sterling: McCracken Family Photographs
Terri Brown: Dippold Family Scrapbook
Dr. Andrew Masich: Wilmar Estates Block Party Poster and Directory
Pittsburgh Penguins: Pittsburgh Penguins 2016 Stanley Cup Championship Ring Presentation Invitation and Menus
Barbara Siegel: Jacob A. Cohen Papers and Photographs
Joel Dickson: Elsa Waag Dickson Photographs
Margaret Mima: Coulter-Moorhouse Family Papers and Photographs
Frances Vernardos Gialamas: Frances Vernardos Gialamas Papers and Photographs
Harriet P. Gross: Harriet P. Gross Oral History, Harriet P. Gross Papers and Photographs additions
Lois Rubin: Katz-Elinoff Family Papers and Photographs additions
Howard Zeiden: Zeiden Family Papers and Photographs additions
St. Francis School of Nursing Alumni Association: St. Francis School of Nursing Alumni Association Photographs
Gary Weslager: Weslager Family Papers and Photographs


Alan Jones: The legacy of Frank and Lotta Jones
Aliquippa High School: The Quippian (Aliquippa High School yearbook, 1953)
Allderdice High School: Dragonbreath (1985, 1990, 1992)
Allderdice High School: The Foreword (Allderdice student paper)
Allderdice High School: The Allderdice (yearbook, multiple years)
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Names of Pittsburgh
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: War for Empire in Western Pennsylvania
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Routes to Roots
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Icon of Spring
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: The Remaking of Pittsburgh
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Slovak Pittsburgh
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Golf is a Woman’s Game
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Passport to adventure
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: When smoke ran like water
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: The people of Penn’s Woods West
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: The Spencers of Amberson Avenue
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Fort Ligonier
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Allderdice class of 1949 40th reunion
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Allderdice class of 1949 25th reunion
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Allderdice class of 1949 45th reunion
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Allderdice class of 1949 55th reunion
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Allderdice class of 1949 50th reunion
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Allderdice class of 1949 10th reunion
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: The Allderdice (1948 yearbook)
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Ember (Peters Twp High School yearbook 1958)
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Happiness Is Like A Cur Dog
Anita DeVivo: Ne-Ca-Hi (New Castle High School yearbook, various years)
Anita DeVivo: Gridiron history of Ne-Ca-Hi
Anita DeVivo: History of Lawrence County
Anita DeVivo: Omerta
Anita DeVivo: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church cookbook
Anita DeVivo: Ancient curiosities of Pennsylvania
Anita DeVivo: Indian history of Lawrence County
Anita DeVivo: The Stigliano story
Anita DeVivo: Ira D. Sankey celebration
Anita DeVivo: Souvenir album Order of Alpha New Castle chapter
Anita DeVivo: Elegant cuisine (St. Vitus Church cookbook)
Anita DeVivo: The churches of Lawrence County
Anita DeVivo: Our lady of Czestochowa Church cookbook
Anita DeVivo: All the summers were golden
Anita DeVivo: Jackie’s boys
Anita DeVivo: Remembering out rose streets
Anita DeVivo: The Amish family
Anita DeVivo: New Castle High School alumni directory
Anita DeVivo: From sunny Italy to Brier Hill, USA
Anita DeVivo: Those sour days
Anita DeVivo: Back to school
Anita DeVivo: La buona cucina Italiana (cookbook)
Anita DeVivo: St. Vitus Church cookbook
Anita DeVivo: Rose Street
Anita DeVivo: The importance of gathering our small town histories
Anita DeVivo: Growing up in Pulaski
Anita DeVivo: Memories and lives left behind
Anita DeVivo: Life transfigured
Anita DeVivo: New Castle city directory 1888/89
Anita DeVivo: Adam’s book of memories
Barbara Murphy: Black authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults 3rd ed.
Barbara Murphy: Black authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults 4th ed.
Barbara Murphy: Portrait of remembrance
Barbara Murphy: Katchy
Bill Steigerwald: 30 days a black man
Bruce Ferguson: The liability crisis
Bruce Ferguson: Please don’t get sick
Cassandra Vivian: A Tuscan American kitchen
Christine Fulton: Fox Chapel residents handbook
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: U.S. Census – Pennsylvania (various, 1930s-1990s)
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: Statistical abstracts (Aliquippa, Ambridge, Beaver Falls, Braddock, Clairton, Duq, Gbg, Jeannette)
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: Pennsylvania vital statistics annual report (1983, 1985, 1986, 1990, 1993)
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: The population of PA projections to 1980
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: 1990 general population and housing characteristics
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: The state of the region
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: Socioeconomic patterns of PA
Clyde Coughenour, Jr: My Somerset County heritage
David Keller: Langley High School 50th anniversary program
Don Lancaster: Pittsburgh Pirates media guide 2015
Don Lancaster: Steelers yearbook 2016, 2017
Don Lancaster: Pirates yearbook 2015
Don Lancaster: Revival by the river
Don Lancaster: Ross Township bicentennial

Don Roberts: Curiosities of glass making
Don Roberts: Glass painting
Don Roberts: Pittsburg Leader’s history of the year in pictures
Doris Rubenstein: First American Rubensteins
Ed Myers: Upper Ohio Valley atlas
Frank Gottlieb estate: Gulf building promenade
Frank Gottlieb estate: Fifty Years of Midland
Frank Gottlieb estate: The Rodis Lincoln High School Yearbook
Fulton Family: Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church (1984)
Fulton Family: Pittsburgh zip code directory 1978
Fulton Family: Embroiderers Guild of Pittsburgh directory 1982/83
Fulton Family: Shady Side Academy directory (1975-1978)
Fulton Family: Women’s Association of the Pgh Symphony Society directory (1971)
Fulton Family: Pgh National Bank legal directory (1979, 1983, 1986, 1990)
Fulton Family: Calvary Episcopal Church directory (1971/72, 1976/77, 78/79, 81)
Fulton Family: St. Edmund’s Academy directory 1969
Fulton Family: 1981 corporations review
Fulton Family: Community telephone directory
Fulton Family: Yale Club of Pgh handbook
James Wudarczyk: Christian Housing: Compassion, Service and the Rise of Saint Augustine Plaza
Jim Haller: Pirates media guides (17 total, various years)
Jon Halpern: Pirates 2016 (P-G supplement)
Jon Halpern: Pirates spring training 2016
Lois Michaels: Changing world of Reform Judaism
Lynne Jacobson: Rzeszow Jews Memorial Book
Lynne Jacobson: The Shofar (1957-58,1960-65)
Marvin Dunlap: Small town boy
Melanie Gutowski: Kaufmann’s Department Store
NCJW Pittsburgh: Her deeds, sing her praises
NCJW Pittsburgh: Partners in creation
Patricia Stavovy: Stuntz family legacy
R. Brandon Hussing: Pittsburgh Post Gazette All sports almanac
Rosaly Roffman: Pittsburgh and Tri-state area poets
S.L. Price: Playing through the whistle
Seth Glick: Shemen Turak: Sermons by Rabbi S.M. Nieches
Steve Bullick: Teacher’s guide to how beautiful we once were
Steve Bullick: Civil War letters of the National Guards
Steven J. Edelstein: The Big Store: An Immigrant’s Story
Suzanne Birts: Pennsylvania coal
Suzanne Birts: The American coal miner
Tim Breslin: Apostle of the Alleghenies
Tim Breslin: Illustrated history of opera in Pittsburgh
Western PA School for the Deaf: WPSD: a pictorial history
Western Reserve Historical Society: Merging traditions
Western Reserve Historical Society: Remembering Cleveland’s Jewish voices
William Ullrich: Pittsburgh Racing Association championship races yearbook (1954, 1955)
Purchase: Pittsburgh’s Finest Single Women
Purchase: The gamblers daughter
Purchase: Jewish communities on the Ohio River
Purchase: Early African American Deaths in the Pittsburgh Courier Book 1-4, 8, 10-12
Field: Pittsburgh details in poetry and art
Field: Spigno-Saturnia Italo-American Society program
Field: The African-American Urban Experience
Field: The Decade
Field: Cooking with Rizzi
Field: The Oriole (South High School yearbook, 1950, 1953)
Field: The Michaelianian (St. Michael High School yearbook, 1945-1948)
Field: The Allderdice (Allderdice High School yearbook 1927)
Field: Allegheny County fair third annual
Field: Life of the most reverend Donald Wuerl
Field: A master plan for the borough of Wilkinsburg
Field: Omicron (Oliver High School yearbooks 1945-1947)
Field: Ellwood Group, Inc 100 years
Field: Ethnic and racial groups in Rankin
Field: KDKA radio first broadcast
Field: A trolley visit to make believe
Field: Heart and soul
Field: Personal collection of Roberto Clemente (auction catalog)
Field: Resistance and beyond
Field: Carl’s story
Field: Bellevue Borough Sesquicentennial
Field: McKeesport Patrolmen’s Association
Field: Pittsburgh Italian Scholarship Fund program 2017
Field: Little Saw Mill Run railroad
Field: Tarentum centennial
Field: Brackenridge diamond jubilee
Field: History of WPIAL wrestling
Field: Southwestern PA wrestling recap (2011-2016 editions)
Field: Wilkinsburg High School 100 years
Field: In search of the first Catholic mass at Pittsburgh’s Point
Field: Steel City Conclave Theater tour 2014
Field: Look up Brownsville
Field: Collision course
Field: Steel City Jews: A History of Pittsburgh and its Jewish Community
Field: Here in Cerchio: Letters to an Italian Immigrant

Winter 2017-18

Updated December 2017


NA’AMAT Pittsburgh Council: NA’AMAT Pittsburgh Council Records
George Tatano: George Tatano Collection on the Cynics
Janet Means, in memory of Harry “Bus” Means: Harry “Bus” Means Papers and Photographs
Carolyn Cecil: Additions to the Cecil and Tonkin Family Papers
GCC-IBT Local 24M: Graphic Communications Conference, International Brotherhood of Teamster’s Local 24M/9N Records and Photographs
Jennifer Busia: Additions to the Sophie Masloff Papers and Photographs
Joy Conti: Dorothy Mathewson Papers
Mari Murphy, in memory of Mario A. Ruta: Gene Rapp, Jr. Island Queen Disaster Photographs
Kathy Zlotorzynski: Annette K. Scheid Papers and Photographs
Richard Beynon: Beynon & Company Real Estate & Insurance Records
Aliquippa High School: Aliquippa High School Athletic Records
Robert Thomas: Robert Thomas Fort Pitt Brewer Collection
UPMC Shadyside Hospital Foundation: Shadyside Hospital Records
John Paul Deley: Sisters Mary and Agnes Deley Papers and Photographs
Lauren Uhl: Lauren Uhl Portrait Photograph Collection
Jean Carver: Samson Family Papers and Photographs
Temple Beth Am: Temple Beth Am (Monessen, Pa.) Records
Jim Verner: Helen Dornberger Steinbrink Photograph Album and Bill Regan Photograph
Becky Wahly Woolsey: Wahly Family Kennywood Photographs
Christine Fulton: Additions to the Robert and Joan Fulton Collection and Additions to the Junta Records
Mary Lou Smith: Mary Lou Smith Photographs
Elaine Small: Elaine Small Oral History
Carolee Burack: Carolee Burack Oral History
Shirley Ravets: Shirley Ravets Oral History
William Pryor, Jr.: William A. Pryor’s Furs Company of Pittsburgh Records
Dena Dortenzo Wahl: Dena Dortenzo Walzl Photographs
Debra Fabrizio-Dudley and John Fabrizio, Jr.: John Fabrizio Papers and Photographs
Wendy and Sharon Schaeffer in memory of Charles Bellas: Bellas Family Papers and Photographs
Tuskegee Airmen c/o Cecilia Poister: Additions to the Tuskegee Airmen’s Memorial Records
Dessie Bey: Leroy Bernard Mudd Papers
Martin Christopher: Frank Christopher Papers
Gail Wattai: “Goodnight God” sheet music
Richard Weaver: Heinz Men’s 57 Bowling League Photograph

Dr. Hugh Fullerton: Sugarcreek and Franklin Temperance Society of Armstrong County Records, David Henry Office of American Abolition Society letter
Lenore Melmeyer: Lenore Melmeyer Scrapbook
Ellen Walsh Dedomenic and Susan Dedomenic Williams: John M. Walsh, Sr. Photographs
George, Don, Patty, Elmer, and Tommy Siegle: Mary “May” Horne Siegle Papers and Photographs
Harriet P. Gross: Harriet P. Gross Papers / Roth and Pincus Family Papers
Anita DeVivo Estate c/o Janice Aubrey: Anita DeVivo Papers
Suzanne Broughton: Additions to the League of Women Voters Records
Laura Bacelli Vondas: Additions to the Lega Toscana Records
Lisa Schonberger: Jewish War Veterans Jacob Greenfield Post No. 181 Records
Elaine Linkenheimer: Additions to the Linkenheimer Family Collection
Daniel Charny: Doo-Dah Shop Records and Photographs
Jacob A. Notovitz: Notovitz Family Papers
Kathleen Zimbicki: Kathleen Zimbicki Papers and Photographs
Stanton Heights Neighborhood Development Association c/o Lissa Geiger Schulman: Stanton Heights Garden Club Scrapbook
Thomas Lassman: Reproductions of Westinghouse Quarterly Research Reports
Claire Iszauk: Iszauk Family Papers
Robert Pease: Additions to the Robert Pease Papers
Cassandra Vivian: Cassandra Vivian Papers and Photographs
Elizabeth Schuster: Leroy Fuller Papers
Thomas Averell: Additions to the Thomas Averell Papers and Photographs
Giulio Magrini: Giulio Magrini Papers and Photographs
Susan Prentiss: Ash and Haas Family Papers
Denis Altenburger: Liberty Highway Bridge and Tunnel Print
Madeline Baum: Additions to the Hugo Baum Papers
Bet Tikvah Congregation: Bet Tikvah Congregation Records
Deb Polk: Gay and Lesbian Neighborhood Development Association Records
Ruthann Bauerle: Ruthann Bauerle Photographs
Beth Smith: Beth Smith Papers and Photographs
Cynthia Lackey: Cramer Family Papers and Photographs
Hiller Hardie: Frances Hardie Collection
Eileen Lane: Halpern Family Papers
Carol Bleier: Additions to the Carol Bleier Papers on L’Chaim: A History of Montefiore Hospital
Mayda Roth: Beth El Congregation (South Hills) Records and Y Music Society Programs
Beth Shalom Congregation: Beth Shalom Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.) Records


Bill Steigerwald: 30 Days a Black Man
Carl Krasik: Autobiography of a Pennsylvanian
Carl Krasik: Life and Public Career of a Prominent Pennsylvanian
Carl Krasik: Lives of the Governors of Pennsylvania
Carl Krasik: Pennsylvania Politics 1872-1877
Ruth J. St. Clair Vastola: Genealogy of the Oliver Miller Family in South Park
Purchase: Hope in Hard Times
Purchase: Jews and Booze
Purchase: The Schenley Experiment
Field: L.E. Smith Glass Catalog
John Wilborn: Learning to Live to Love Life
Carol Murray: McKees Rocks Gazette/Suburban Gazette 1893-2012
Joseph D’Andrea: Our Italian Surnames
Brian Butko: Pittsburgh Pizzazz
Brian Butko: Remembering Monroeville
Pittsburgh Area Jewish Committee: Pursuit of Equality
Dara Tomassi: Sinfoniale Poetico
Congregation B’nai Emunoh: You Can’t Catch Trout with a Broomstick
McKeesport Regional History and Heritage Center: Yough-A-Mon (McKeesport High School Yearbooks)