Library & Archives Accessions

Fall 2018

Updated September 2018


Dr. John A Redfield: Dr. John A Redfield Papers and Photographs
Avram Machtiger: Avram Machtiger Oral History
Eileen Yacknin: Eileen Yacknin Oral History
Mark Friedman: Mark Friedman Oral History
PA Trolley Museum: Fort Pitt Bridge Works Photographs
Dianne Marshall: Dianne Marshall photograph and March on Washington bus ticket
Stanley Levine: Stanley Levine Papers
Cassandra Vivian: Cassandra Vivian Papers additions (oral histories)
Carol Berger: Daniel and Carol Berger Papers and Photographs
Audrey C. Moeller: St. Wendelin Church bulletins
Cathleen Arnold: H.J. Heinz Company “Your Baby’s Diary and Calendar”
Carol Lang for Beth Israel Center: Beth Israel Center Records additions
Christine Bartell: Harry O. “Chick” Creazzi Papers and Photographs
Regina Simmons: Dorothy Thompson Diary
Friends of the Riverfront: Friends of the Riverfront Records
Diane Wuycheck: Jane Holmes Residence and Gardens Records additions
Mark G. Kelly Jr.: Jacob D. Mathiot Correspondence
Miriam Ginsberg: Hadassah Pittsburgh Chapter Records additions
Barbara Rauh Stein and Judith Stein Kelly: Bertha Rauh Rosenfeld Family Research Papers

Jake Eisenfeld: Jake Eisenfeld Papers and Photographs
Lois G. Michaels: Lois G. Michaels Papers
Jack Greenberg: Anne Unger Greenberg Papers on Gene Kelly
John Whitehead: Whitehead Family Papers
Elsie Morey: Bender and Gamer Family Papers
Pittsburgh Society of Artists: Pittsburgh Society of Artists Records additions
Cindy Metris in memory of John (Woody) Metris, Jr.: Metris Family Photographs
Alexander Valentine Jr.: Stanley Lewandowski Papers
Mildred McCullough in honor of John R. McCullough: John R. McCullough Jr. Papers and Photographs
Preserve Croatian Heritage Foundation: Preserve Croatian Heritage Foundation Collection
Sara Keckeisen: Fergus Family Papers
Sheila Savits: International Women’s Association of Pittsburgh Records
Tina Williams Brewer: John Brewer Papers
Dane Topich: KDKA Editorial Board Records
Robert Rath Jr.: Wolverine Toy Company Records additions
Judith Stein Kelly: Rauh Family Photographs


Adi Rapport, Jewish Community Center then and now
Allderdice High School, The Allderdice (yearbook and serial: Mar, Apr, Jun 1927, Jun 1928)
Allderdice High School, Songs of ourselves
Allderdice High School, Throat culture
Allderdice High School, 12 grades short of an IQ
Allderdice High School, Viewpoints
Allderdice High School, Allderdice 50th reunion class of 1936
Allderdice High School, Allderdice 60th reunion class of 1935
Allderdice High School, Allderdice 25th reunion class of 1936
Allderdice High School, Allderdice 50th reunion class of 1958/59
Allderdice High School, Allderdice yearbooks 1927-2007 (DVD)
Ann Harris, An autobiography vol. 1
Anonymous, McDonald (PA) Golden Jubillee
Apollo Memorial Library, History of the regiment (140th volunteers)
Art Miller, Harry McCormick
Austin Bell, Duff’s book-keeping
Bet Tikvah Congregation, Kol Koleinu-All our voices
Dena Chottiner, Clairtonian (Clairton High yearbook 1930)
Dena Chottiner, Pittsburgh Conference of Jewish Women’s Organizations directory (multiple years)
Dena Chottiner, Help light the flame
Ed Myers, Centennial exhibit of the PA Railroad

Field, Pirates media guide (1971, 1979)
Field, Strip District riverfront park vision plan
Field, Fifth Ave Life (June 1918)
Field, Tylerdale as I remember it
Field, Finding common ground
Field, Ben Hogan: the wickedest man on Earth (Cassette)
Gary Gaal, The Weiss Farm (DVD)
Harry Laufman Jr in honor of Harrington Laufman, Salesman and branch house managers of HJ Heinz Co.
Harry Laufman Jr in honor of Harrington Laufman, Pickle manual
John Wuchenich, Undying spirit
Kruman family, Arnowitz family tree
Lois Michaels, Jesus of Nazareth in the light of Jewish and Christian thought and history
Lois Michaels, Why the Bible lost its charm
Marshall Hershberg, Community directory for individuals with special needs and disabilities in Pgh’s Jewish community
Rabbi Barbara Aiello, The cat that ate the cannoli
Stanley Glickstein, Joan Glickstein memorial book
Stanley Glickstein, A road well traveled
William Fronzek, Fort Frick

Summer 2018

Updated July 2018


Beth Israel Center: Beth Israel Center (Jefferson Hills, Pa.) Records additions
Marcia Frumerman: Marcia Frumerman Papers
Barbara Byer Rosenberg: Charles Byer Papers
Claire Iszauk: Hebrew Ladies Beneficial Society (McKeesport, Pa.) and Rabbi Jacob Friedman Photograph
Temple B’nai Israel: Temple B’nai Israel (McKeesport and White Oak, Pa.) Records
Lynne S. Jacobson: Pittsburgh Conference of Jewish Women’s Organizations Records
Amy Lowenstein: Comins, Lowenstein and Goldberg Family Papers
Carol and Howard Lang: Carol and Howard Lang Oral History
Robert Myers: J. Robert Myers Oral History
Lynn Saul: Fannie Siegel Robbins Oral History
Kathleen Zimbicki: Kathleen Cochran Zimbicki Papers and Photographs
Tim Menees: Tim Menees Papers
John K. Orndorff, Jr.: J.S. Crutchfield Papers
Ketchum Inc. Pittsburgh: Ketchum Inc. Records
Michael Ehrmann: Michael Ehrmann Postcard Collection
Homer Smith: Homer Smith Papers and Photographs
Judith Steel: Duquesne Incline tickets
Elaine B. and Carl Krasik: Carl and Elaine Krasik Collection of Political Memorabilia additions
Charlotte O’Neil Oliver: Harper and Irish Family Papers
Jody Shapiro: Jody Shapiro Western Pennsylvania Ephemera Collection
Victoria Chess: Benjamin Thaw Family Papers
Robert Carroll: Gus Miller Papers and Photographs additions
Rev. John McCall: William Findley Letter
Shirley Schwartz: Shirley H. Schwartz Menu Collection
Stephen Cambria: Charles Cathral Craft Diary
Cynthia Cooley: Cynthia Cooley Papers additions
Angeles Lopez-Portillo Stiteler: Angeles Lopez-Portillo Stiteler Papers additions
Kirk Savage: Westinghouse Homewood Works Photographs
Kathie Sterling: Joseph Rabel Pittsburgh Bicentennial Parade Slides
Rep. Edith Tucker: Program, Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce banquet honoring President Taft
David Kessler: Grand Army of the Republic Photograph
Iris Przybylek: Duquesne Fishing Club of Pittsburgh, Pa. Photograph
Robert T. Schwer: Joseph Perhach Papers, Matthew D. Krejdovsky
Cheryl Baird: Verbanec Family Photographs
David Fink: David Fink Photograph
Marcia Rush in memory of John J. Rush: John J. Rush Papers and Photographs
National Park Service: American Window Glass Company Records
Dorothy Jacox: Herbertson and McGrew Family Papers and Photographs
Tina Williams Brewer: “Exploring Personal Stories Through Art: Dream Pillows, June 2006” (DVD)
Joseph Strupek: St. Joseph Lead Company Plant Photograph
Sam Mullin: Agreement between Monaca Division of Zinc Corporation of America and United Steelworkers of America, AFL-CIO
Jim Reese: St. Joseph Lead Company Records additions
John Murtha: John Murtha Papers on St. Joseph Lead Company
Lucille Chebatoris: Mascaro and Cerminara Family Glass Plate Negatives
Judy Beman: Cooper Family Papers and Photographs
Gift of Robert J. and Cathy Trombetta: James Rees Company “Columbia” Blueprint
Benjamin Palermo: Benjamin “Bucky” Palermo Oral History
Tom Powers: Tom Powers Collection on Bucky Palermo
Marian Mignona: Edward Ruglovsky Papers
Barry H. Kart: Errol Garner town House souvenir menu and Pittsburgh Steelers ticket stub
Robert A. Stewart: Berry-Moales Family Papers
Jack Boyle: Jack Boyle 1960 World Series Scrapbook
Gregory Antonelli Sheffer: Tush Store Records
Charles Vogel: Walter R. Vogel 1936 Flood 16mm film and DVD
James Busch: 1950 Trolley Pass
John Barsotti and Nino Barsotti: Giancarlo (John) and Nino Barsotti Oral History
Suzanne Burtt: Koppers Records, Consol Energy Records
Jonathan Halpern: Additions to the Mollie Lyon Papers
Tina Calabro: Spencer Simon Photographs of Selma Burke
Reed Agnew: Westinghouse Corporate Design Center Records (additions to Phil Andrews Papers)
Andrew and Georgia Zeedick: Additions to the Andrew and Georgia Zeedick Papers
Eileen Flinn: 1964 Democratic National Convention passes and NAACP telegram
Noel Family: William Bingham Daguerreotype
Maxine Brunwasser: Brunwasser Family Papers
Lynne S. Jacobson: Eisenfeld Family Papers
Blair Jacobson: Jacobson Family Papers and Photographs
Sheri Sable: Jewish Home for Babies and Children Records additions
Estate of Virgil Cantini: Virgil Cantini Papers additions
Adi Rapport: Betty and Saul Steinfeld Papers and Photographs
Al Kovacik Jr.: Kovacik Family Papers
Carolee Burack: Additions to the Beth Israel Center Records
Ed Feinstein: Kalson Family Papers and Photographs
Birmingham United Church of Christ: Birmingham United Church of Christ Records additions
Anita Kornblit: Congregation Poale Zedeck Records additions
Alden W. Cohen: Jacob A. Cohen Papers
Westinghouse SURE: Westinghouse Electric Corporation Executive Portrait Photographs and original charter (reproduction)

Debra Iszauk: Temple B’nai Israel Sisterhood minutes (Additions to the Temple B’nai Israel Records)
Rabbi Sara Rae Perman: Greater Pittsburgh Rabbinic Association Records, Rabbi Sara Rae Perman Papers
Jeff Dirling in memory of Robert Burke: Robert Burke Pirates and Steelers Commemorative Envelope Collection
John H. Miller: Kennedy Family Papers and Photographs
Jack Haims: Edward Haims letter from Mayor Edward A. DeCarbo
Betty Lou Margolis: Uniontown High School 1948 Graduating Class records
Dave Bernabo: Dave Bernabo Moving Images
Estate of Frank Gottlieb: Frank Gottlieb Papers and Photographs
Janet Stewart: Walliser and Stewart Family Papers and Photographs
Dr. Jerome (Jay) Apt: Dr. Jerome Apt Papers and Photographs
Beaver Area Heritage Foundation: Mellon-Stuart Company Photographs
Florence E. Mehalic: Oakdale School Board Records
Kathleen Weber: Michael Moran Photographs
Scott Loveridge: McQuiston Family Papers
Andy Downs: Jack Henry 1941 Roller Derby Season Pass
Carl Trakofler: Hungerman Family Paper s
Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh: United Jewish Federation Records additions
Jewish Association on Aging: Jewish Association on Aging Records Additions, Ladies Auxiliary, and Jewish Home for the Aged Records
Sam Zolten: Sam Zolten Papers on “Missing McKeesport”
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church: St. Luke’s Lutheran Church (West View, Pa.) Records
Shirley Kurtz: Saul Kurtz Papers and Photographs
Lowell Lustig: Lando Theatre Posters
Ruth Schrag: Ruth Schrag Oral History
Phyllis Ackerman: Phyllis Ackerman Oral History
Terry Poe: Elsie and Max Knitter Houseboat Photograph
Stanley Glickstein: Stanley Glickstein Oral History
Jill Lintelman: William Wolfe letters, Advance Guard newspaper front page, American Fishing and Hunting Club clipping and lodging list
Pittsburgh Board of Education: Pittsburgh Board of Education Friends of Art Records
Ina Gerson Sable: Temple Israel (New Castle, Pa.) Photographs
Thomas Schmidt: Adolph and Helen Schmidt Family Papers and Photographs
Mimi Geroux: Schenley High School 1922 Graduation Class Photograph
Reed Agnew: Junta Records additions
Somer Obernauer: Obernauer Family Papers and Photographs additions
Albert Hall: Albert Hall Sports Collection
Carole Davis: Robert H. Davis Papers additions
Patricia Hazen: Kearney Family Kaufmann’s Department Store Photograph
Lloyd Franklin Stamy, Jr.: Barbara Lee Owens Stamy Papers and Photographs
Maurice Nernberg: Maurice Nernberg Papers and Photographs
Art Glaser, Jr.: Annette and Arthur Glaser Family Papers and Photographs
Elaine Harris: Additions to the Pittsburgh Society of Artists Records
Al K. DeRoy: Additions to the Patricia K. and Ralph L. DeRoy family papers
Melissa McSwigan: H. John Heinz III and Maria Teresa Ferreira Heinz wedding announcement
Mary Strezeski: Strezeski family papers and photographs
Brian Butko: Andrew Butko Papers
Becky Keevican: Cinderella Ball Committee Records and Photographs additions
Pamela Golden: Aurora Reading Club Records additions
John C. McMichael: Corporal William Vance Hays and Nellie Hays Schall Papers and Photographs (Hays Family Papers)
Betsy van Sickle: Father Andrew Bjalabok Photographs
Mary Ellen Butler: Craft and Rose Family Papers
Stephanie Pierre: Elizabeth Wilkinson Wade (Bessie Bramble) Family Photographs
Derrick L. Tillman: Labor Lyceum Demolition Digital Photographs
Dan Walzer: Forbes Health System Records and Photographs, Armstrong Cork Company manual and brochure
Mary Lu Donnelly: Young Peoples Synagogue, Bohnai Yisrael records, Mary Lu Donnelly Papers
Martin Christopher: Frank Christopher Papers and Photographs additions
David Berman: Northcentral Pennsylvania Jewish Community Research
Dena Chottiner: Pittsburgh Conference of Jewish Women’s Organizations, Z.L. and Dora Weiss Family Papers and Photographs
Donald Lancaster and Faye Bradwick: Faye Bradwick and Donald Lancaster Collection additions
Heid Family: George Heid Sr. Sound Recordings
Gene Charleton: Eugene Charleton Pittsburgh Brewing Co. Photographs
Derek Shaw: Dr. Byron Shaw Papers and Photographs
Donald Downs: Donald Downs Photographs
Michael Schuwerk: Stringer Family Photographs
Hamilton Sterling: McCracken Family Photographs
Terri Brown: Dippold Family Scrapbook
Dr. Andrew Masich: Wilmar Estates Block Party Poster and Directory
Pittsburgh Penguins: Pittsburgh Penguins 2016 Stanley Cup Championship Ring Presentation Invitation and Menus
Barbara Siegel: Jacob A. Cohen Papers and Photographs
Joel Dickson: Elsa Waag Dickson Photographs
Margaret Mima: Coulter-Moorhouse Family Papers and Photographs
Frances Vernardos Gialamas: Frances Vernardos Gialamas Papers and Photographs
Harriet P. Gross: Harriet P. Gross Oral History, Harriet P. Gross Papers and Photographs additions
Lois Rubin: Katz-Elinoff Family Papers and Photographs additions
Howard Zeiden: Zeiden Family Papers and Photographs additions
St. Francis School of Nursing Alumni Association: St. Francis School of Nursing Alumni Association Photographs
Gary Weslager: Weslager Family Papers and Photographs


Alan Jones: The legacy of Frank and Lotta Jones
Aliquippa High School: The Quippian (Aliquippa High School yearbook, 1953)
Allderdice High School: Dragonbreath (1985, 1990, 1992)
Allderdice High School: The Foreword (Allderdice student paper)
Allderdice High School: The Allderdice (yearbook, multiple years)
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Names of Pittsburgh
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: War for Empire in Western Pennsylvania
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Routes to Roots
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Icon of Spring
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: The Remaking of Pittsburgh
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Slovak Pittsburgh
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Golf is a Woman’s Game
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Passport to adventure
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: When smoke ran like water
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: The people of Penn’s Woods West
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: The Spencers of Amberson Avenue
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Fort Ligonier
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Allderdice class of 1949 40th reunion
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Allderdice class of 1949 25th reunion
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Allderdice class of 1949 45th reunion
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Allderdice class of 1949 55th reunion
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Allderdice class of 1949 50th reunion
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Allderdice class of 1949 10th reunion
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: The Allderdice (1948 yearbook)
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Ember (Peters Twp High School yearbook 1958)
Andrew & Georgia Zeedick: Happiness Is Like A Cur Dog
Anita DeVivo: Ne-Ca-Hi (New Castle High School yearbook, various years)
Anita DeVivo: Gridiron history of Ne-Ca-Hi
Anita DeVivo: History of Lawrence County
Anita DeVivo: Omerta
Anita DeVivo: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church cookbook
Anita DeVivo: Ancient curiosities of Pennsylvania
Anita DeVivo: Indian history of Lawrence County
Anita DeVivo: The Stigliano story
Anita DeVivo: Ira D. Sankey celebration
Anita DeVivo: Souvenir album Order of Alpha New Castle chapter
Anita DeVivo: Elegant cuisine (St. Vitus Church cookbook)
Anita DeVivo: The churches of Lawrence County
Anita DeVivo: Our lady of Czestochowa Church cookbook
Anita DeVivo: All the summers were golden
Anita DeVivo: Jackie’s boys
Anita DeVivo: Remembering out rose streets
Anita DeVivo: The Amish family
Anita DeVivo: New Castle High School alumni directory
Anita DeVivo: From sunny Italy to Brier Hill, USA
Anita DeVivo: Those sour days
Anita DeVivo: Back to school
Anita DeVivo: La buona cucina Italiana (cookbook)
Anita DeVivo: St. Vitus Church cookbook
Anita DeVivo: Rose Street
Anita DeVivo: The importance of gathering our small town histories
Anita DeVivo: Growing up in Pulaski
Anita DeVivo: Memories and lives left behind
Anita DeVivo: Life transfigured
Anita DeVivo: New Castle city directory 1888/89
Anita DeVivo: Adam’s book of memories
Barbara Murphy: Black authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults 3rd ed.
Barbara Murphy: Black authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults 4th ed.
Barbara Murphy: Portrait of remembrance
Barbara Murphy: Katchy
Bill Steigerwald: 30 days a black man
Bruce Ferguson: The liability crisis
Bruce Ferguson: Please don’t get sick
Cassandra Vivian: A Tuscan American kitchen
Christine Fulton: Fox Chapel residents handbook
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: U.S. Census – Pennsylvania (various, 1930s-1990s)
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: Statistical abstracts (Aliquippa, Ambridge, Beaver Falls, Braddock, Clairton, Duq, Gbg, Jeannette)
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: Pennsylvania vital statistics annual report (1983, 1985, 1986, 1990, 1993)
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: The population of PA projections to 1980
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: 1990 general population and housing characteristics
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: The state of the region
City of Pittsburgh Dept of City Planning: Socioeconomic patterns of PA
Clyde Coughenour, Jr: My Somerset County heritage
David Keller: Langley High School 50th anniversary program
Don Lancaster: Pittsburgh Pirates media guide 2015
Don Lancaster: Steelers yearbook 2016, 2017
Don Lancaster: Pirates yearbook 2015
Don Lancaster: Revival by the river
Don Lancaster: Ross Township bicentennial

Don Roberts: Curiosities of glass making
Don Roberts: Glass painting
Don Roberts: Pittsburg Leader’s history of the year in pictures
Doris Rubenstein: First American Rubensteins
Ed Myers: Upper Ohio Valley atlas
Frank Gottlieb estate: Gulf building promenade
Frank Gottlieb estate: Fifty Years of Midland
Frank Gottlieb estate: The Rodis Lincoln High School Yearbook
Fulton Family: Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church (1984)
Fulton Family: Pittsburgh zip code directory 1978
Fulton Family: Embroiderers Guild of Pittsburgh directory 1982/83
Fulton Family: Shady Side Academy directory (1975-1978)
Fulton Family: Women’s Association of the Pgh Symphony Society directory (1971)
Fulton Family: Pgh National Bank legal directory (1979, 1983, 1986, 1990)
Fulton Family: Calvary Episcopal Church directory (1971/72, 1976/77, 78/79, 81)
Fulton Family: St. Edmund’s Academy directory 1969
Fulton Family: 1981 corporations review
Fulton Family: Community telephone directory
Fulton Family: Yale Club of Pgh handbook
James Wudarczyk: Christian Housing: Compassion, Service and the Rise of Saint Augustine Plaza
Jim Haller: Pirates media guides (17 total, various years)
Jon Halpern: Pirates 2016 (P-G supplement)
Jon Halpern: Pirates spring training 2016
Lois Michaels: Changing world of Reform Judaism
Lynne Jacobson: Rzeszow Jews Memorial Book
Lynne Jacobson: The Shofar (1957-58,1960-65)
Marvin Dunlap: Small town boy
Melanie Gutowski: Kaufmann’s Department Store
NCJW Pittsburgh: Her deeds, sing her praises
NCJW Pittsburgh: Partners in creation
Patricia Stavovy: Stuntz family legacy
R. Brandon Hussing: Pittsburgh Post Gazette All sports almanac
Rosaly Roffman: Pittsburgh and Tri-state area poets
S.L. Price: Playing through the whistle
Seth Glick: Shemen Turak: Sermons by Rabbi S.M. Nieches
Steve Bullick: Teacher’s guide to how beautiful we once were
Steve Bullick: Civil War letters of the National Guards
Steven J. Edelstein: The Big Store: An Immigrant’s Story
Suzanne Birts: Pennsylvania coal
Suzanne Birts: The American coal miner
Tim Breslin: Apostle of the Alleghenies
Tim Breslin: Illustrated history of opera in Pittsburgh
Western PA School for the Deaf: WPSD: a pictorial history
Western Reserve Historical Society: Merging traditions
Western Reserve Historical Society: Remembering Cleveland’s Jewish voices
William Ullrich: Pittsburgh Racing Association championship races yearbook (1954, 1955)
Purchase: Pittsburgh’s Finest Single Women
Purchase: The gamblers daughter
Purchase: Jewish communities on the Ohio River
Purchase: Early African American Deaths in the Pittsburgh Courier Book 1-4, 8, 10-12
Field: Pittsburgh details in poetry and art
Field: Spigno-Saturnia Italo-American Society program
Field: The African-American Urban Experience
Field: The Decade
Field: Cooking with Rizzi
Field: The Oriole (South High School yearbook, 1950, 1953)
Field: The Michaelianian (St. Michael High School yearbook, 1945-1948)
Field: The Allderdice (Allderdice High School yearbook 1927)
Field: Allegheny County fair third annual
Field: Life of the most reverend Donald Wuerl
Field: A master plan for the borough of Wilkinsburg
Field: Omicron (Oliver High School yearbooks 1945-1947)
Field: Ellwood Group, Inc 100 years
Field: Ethnic and racial groups in Rankin
Field: KDKA radio first broadcast
Field: A trolley visit to make believe
Field: Heart and soul
Field: Personal collection of Roberto Clemente (auction catalog)
Field: Resistance and beyond
Field: Carl’s story
Field: Bellevue Borough Sesquicentennial
Field: McKeesport Patrolmen’s Association
Field: Pittsburgh Italian Scholarship Fund program 2017
Field: Little Saw Mill Run railroad
Field: Tarentum centennial
Field: Brackenridge diamond jubilee
Field: History of WPIAL wrestling
Field: Southwestern PA wrestling recap (2011-2016 editions)
Field: Wilkinsburg High School 100 years
Field: In search of the first Catholic mass at Pittsburgh’s Point
Field: Steel City Conclave Theater tour 2014
Field: Look up Brownsville
Field: Collision course
Field: Steel City Jews: A History of Pittsburgh and its Jewish Community
Field: Here in Cerchio: Letters to an Italian Immigrant

Winter 2017-18

Updated December 2017


NA’AMAT Pittsburgh Council: NA’AMAT Pittsburgh Council Records
George Tatano: George Tatano Collection on the Cynics
Janet Means, in memory of Harry “Bus” Means: Harry “Bus” Means Papers and Photographs
Carolyn Cecil: Additions to the Cecil and Tonkin Family Papers
GCC-IBT Local 24M: Graphic Communications Conference, International Brotherhood of Teamster’s Local 24M/9N Records and Photographs
Jennifer Busia: Additions to the Sophie Masloff Papers and Photographs
Joy Conti: Dorothy Mathewson Papers
Mari Murphy, in memory of Mario A. Ruta: Gene Rapp, Jr. Island Queen Disaster Photographs
Kathy Zlotorzynski: Annette K. Scheid Papers and Photographs
Richard Beynon: Beynon & Company Real Estate & Insurance Records
Aliquippa High School: Aliquippa High School Athletic Records
Robert Thomas: Robert Thomas Fort Pitt Brewer Collection
UPMC Shadyside Hospital Foundation: Shadyside Hospital Records
John Paul Deley: Sisters Mary and Agnes Deley Papers and Photographs
Lauren Uhl: Lauren Uhl Portrait Photograph Collection
Jean Carver: Samson Family Papers and Photographs
Temple Beth Am: Temple Beth Am (Monessen, Pa.) Records
Jim Verner: Helen Dornberger Steinbrink Photograph Album and Bill Regan Photograph
Becky Wahly Woolsey: Wahly Family Kennywood Photographs
Christine Fulton: Additions to the Robert and Joan Fulton Collection and Additions to the Junta Records
Mary Lou Smith: Mary Lou Smith Photographs
Elaine Small: Elaine Small Oral History
Carolee Burack: Carolee Burack Oral History
Shirley Ravets: Shirley Ravets Oral History
William Pryor, Jr.: William A. Pryor’s Furs Company of Pittsburgh Records
Dena Dortenzo Wahl: Dena Dortenzo Walzl Photographs
Debra Fabrizio-Dudley and John Fabrizio, Jr.: John Fabrizio Papers and Photographs
Wendy and Sharon Schaeffer in memory of Charles Bellas: Bellas Family Papers and Photographs
Tuskegee Airmen c/o Cecilia Poister: Additions to the Tuskegee Airmen’s Memorial Records
Dessie Bey: Leroy Bernard Mudd Papers
Martin Christopher: Frank Christopher Papers
Gail Wattai: “Goodnight God” sheet music
Richard Weaver: Heinz Men’s 57 Bowling League Photograph

Dr. Hugh Fullerton: Sugarcreek and Franklin Temperance Society of Armstrong County Records, David Henry Office of American Abolition Society letter
Lenore Melmeyer: Lenore Melmeyer Scrapbook
Ellen Walsh Dedomenic and Susan Dedomenic Williams: John M. Walsh, Sr. Photographs
George, Don, Patty, Elmer, and Tommy Siegle: Mary “May” Horne Siegle Papers and Photographs
Harriet P. Gross: Harriet P. Gross Papers / Roth and Pincus Family Papers
Anita DeVivo Estate c/o Janice Aubrey: Anita DeVivo Papers
Suzanne Broughton: Additions to the League of Women Voters Records
Laura Bacelli Vondas: Additions to the Lega Toscana Records
Lisa Schonberger: Jewish War Veterans Jacob Greenfield Post No. 181 Records
Elaine Linkenheimer: Additions to the Linkenheimer Family Collection
Daniel Charny: Doo-Dah Shop Records and Photographs
Jacob A. Notovitz: Notovitz Family Papers
Kathleen Zimbicki: Kathleen Zimbicki Papers and Photographs
Stanton Heights Neighborhood Development Association c/o Lissa Geiger Schulman: Stanton Heights Garden Club Scrapbook
Thomas Lassman: Reproductions of Westinghouse Quarterly Research Reports
Claire Iszauk: Iszauk Family Papers
Robert Pease: Additions to the Robert Pease Papers
Cassandra Vivian: Cassandra Vivian Papers and Photographs
Elizabeth Schuster: Leroy Fuller Papers
Thomas Averell: Additions to the Thomas Averell Papers and Photographs
Giulio Magrini: Giulio Magrini Papers and Photographs
Susan Prentiss: Ash and Haas Family Papers
Denis Altenburger: Liberty Highway Bridge and Tunnel Print
Madeline Baum: Additions to the Hugo Baum Papers
Bet Tikvah Congregation: Bet Tikvah Congregation Records
Deb Polk: Gay and Lesbian Neighborhood Development Association Records
Ruthann Bauerle: Ruthann Bauerle Photographs
Beth Smith: Beth Smith Papers and Photographs
Cynthia Lackey: Cramer Family Papers and Photographs
Hiller Hardie: Frances Hardie Collection
Eileen Lane: Halpern Family Papers
Carol Bleier: Additions to the Carol Bleier Papers on L’Chaim: A History of Montefiore Hospital
Mayda Roth: Beth El Congregation (South Hills) Records and Y Music Society Programs
Beth Shalom Congregation: Beth Shalom Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.) Records


Bill Steigerwald: 30 Days a Black Man
Carl Krasik: Autobiography of a Pennsylvanian
Carl Krasik: Life and Public Career of a Prominent Pennsylvanian
Carl Krasik: Lives of the Governors of Pennsylvania
Carl Krasik: Pennsylvania Politics 1872-1877
Ruth J. St. Clair Vastola: Genealogy of the Oliver Miller Family in South Park
Purchase: Hope in Hard Times
Purchase: Jews and Booze
Purchase: The Schenley Experiment
Field: L.E. Smith Glass Catalog
John Wilborn: Learning to Live to Love Life
Carol Murray: McKees Rocks Gazette/Suburban Gazette 1893-2012
Joseph D’Andrea: Our Italian Surnames
Brian Butko: Pittsburgh Pizzazz
Brian Butko: Remembering Monroeville
Pittsburgh Area Jewish Committee: Pursuit of Equality
Dara Tomassi: Sinfoniale Poetico
Congregation B’nai Emunoh: You Can’t Catch Trout with a Broomstick
McKeesport Regional History and Heritage Center: Yough-A-Mon (McKeesport High School Yearbooks)