Museum Accessions

Summer 2018

Updated July 2018

Aurora Reading Club: Aurora Reading Club legacy quilt
Beth Israel Congregation: Tablecloth, Kiddish cup and menorah from the Beth Isreal Congregation of Latrobe
Regis Bobonis: Airplane propeller, flight helmet and goggles
Jim Bost: Caulking tool, c. 1935 used on local houseboat
Breathe PA: Prop arm used to show effects of a TB test
Tim Breslin: (10) glass drink stirrers and (16) Pittsburgh Pirate trading cards
Marilyn Caplan: Caplan Scrap Metal Company plaque
Cinderella Ball Commission: Pair of kidskin gloves used at the Cinderella Ball
Cooper-Siegel Community Library: Books used by Thomas Mellon while studying at the Western Pennsylvania Academy
Joseph D’Andrea: Roccamandolfi banner, painted sweatshirt, license plate, 2 plaque pieces
Joanne Fascio: Scarf commemorating the year-long celebration of the 1958-59 Pittsburgh bicentennial
Mary Ferro: I Campagnoli costumes including 5 skirts, 3 blouses, 1 vest, 3 aprons, 3 headpieces, 1 bustle, 1 shawl, 2 wristlets, 1 belt, 1 belt buckle, and 1 pair of dance shoes
Jaime Filipek: 2012 USA Rugby Women’s DII Club Championship Medal and Pittsburgh Rugby Club jersey
Jon Freedman: Memorabilia from Max & Erma’s restaurant in the South Hills
Lou Gorski: Riot helmet, sign, police badges documenting the Pittsburgh Police.
Lorrine Walwender: Hat covers used by a deliveryman for Beverly Farms Dairy

Jay Hawkins: Bottle made by Wm. McCully & Co. of Pittsburgh
John Houze: Glass car vase, polishing stone and glass lens for goggles
Carl & Elaine Krasik: Political memorabilia collection
Kathryn A. Leahy (In memory of John F. Leahy): Wiretapping equipment and related archival material
James Mandelblatt: Files used by a Union Switch and Signal Worker, Morris R. Mandelblatt
Massena Aluminum Historical Association: Collection of Alcoa aluminum pieces
Marie Nudi: Three Rivers Stadium commemorative Coke six pack
Patty Onesta: Silk map of France used during WWII
Sandra D. Palmer: 22 pieces of Western Pennsylvania stoneware
Pittsburgh Parking Authority: Pittsburgh Parking Meter
Susan Prentiss: Collection of clothing and accessories of the Ash/Haas family as well as a Cy Hungiford sketch that belonged to the donor’s father.
Frank Sestric: Campaign poster c. 1971 for Senator John Heinz III
St. Paul of the Cross Monastery: Robe, mantel, sandals, belt, hat, clacker, 2 St. Paul of the Cross insignias, 2 rosaries, 2 crucifixes, black scapular, 2 medallions, processional banner, framed pastel drawing, lithograph of St. Michael’s, ordination cross
Lori Walker Geiger on behalf of the Estate of Samuel P. Walker: Two items from Gnagey’s Dairy a bottle and a set of baby bottles in a box
Charles Weber: (2) WWII ration tokens
Stephanie Wheatley: Rolling Rock pony bottle

Winter 2017-18

Updated December 2017

Joseph Bielecki: Dresser/crib and child’s christening outfit
Francois Clemmons: “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” police uniform worn by donor during his time on the show as Officer Clemmons
Norina H. Daubner: Italian handmade linens (2 tablecloths, 2 shams, runner, table cover with crocheted detailing, nightgown), WWII-era parachute
Joseph Esposito: Sickle, wool shearers, tape measure, stamps, pencils, and shrub guide from J. Esposito and Son Landscaping
Sigo Falk: Lionel toy trains with accessories
Dorothy Fels: (2) branding irons and a tobacco grinder
Rita France: Top hat worn by Frank France
Ed Gallaway for University of Pittsburgh: KKK hood and sash
Richard Hanley: Men’s derby hat from c. 1930s bought at Kaufmann’s Department Store
Lawrence C. Korchnak: Livestock cane from the donor’s grandfather, Joseph Korchnyak
The Lynne Melman Flake Living Trust: Sketch of Julie Miller Melman by Vincent Nesbert (1898-1976)
Mark Matthews: Four Heinz bottles collected to enhance and fill in gaps in current Heinz bottle collection
Ronald Michael: Cider press and corn sheller
Dorris Morrison: Collection of items from the Anderson Farm in Brookline
Barbara Olzewski: Gulf blimp, c. 1993, used as promotional item by the company

Barbara Olzewski: Gulf blimp, c. 1993, used as promotional item by the company
Eugene Painter: Fence wire stretchers, glass jars, shearing machine, wagon brakes, butter churn, and telephone
Sandra D. Palmer: Bakewell glass furniture knob
PennDOT: Road sign for Rt.51/88 dating from the late 1940s to early 1950s
Pittsburgh Force: Pittsburgh Force football helmet, uniform, and whistle
Nicholas Platek: Donation of material related to his marble championships
Polk State Center: Collection related to Polk State Center
Barbara Pontello: Auxiliary Military Police uniform jacket, holster, WWII uniform (including jacket, two shirts, pants, 2 hats), and patches
Prantl’s Bakery: Cake pan and hat
Joann R. Reidenback: Glass cake basket, wildflower pattern
Claudio Reilsono: Baseball coach and scout Claudio Reilsono donated this selection of artifacts that represent milestones from his professional baseball career
Gerald Rolfsmeyer: WAVES uniform from WWII
Christine Noceti Rothhaar: Earrings and two dance cards that belonged to the donor’s mother
Harley Trice: Cherry stand with Bakewell glass knobs
Christine Trimbur: Shippingport Atomic Power Station belt buckle