National History Day

Hundreds of students throughout the region participate in the annual National History Day competition. The History Center is proud to be the regional home for this competition, which serves students from Allegheny, Washington, Greene, Fayette, Westmoreland, and Somerset counties.

National History Day draws upon a unique historical theme each year and encourages middle school and high school students to research history in an exciting and creative way. Either individually or in groups, students create exhibits, produce documentaries, write papers, design websites, or stage performances.

Each activity is judged, and first, second, and third place winners move on to the state competition of National History Day Pennsylvania. The top winners from the state competition then move onto the national competition.

Stay Tuned for National History Day Pittsburgh 2023! 

Frontiers in History: Peoples, Places, Ideas

Junior Division: Saturday, March 18, 2023
Senior Division: Sunday, March 19, 2023

2022 NHD Winners:

Junior Category Award Winners

Junior Group Documentary 

First Place 

Healing the Wounds of War: Grant’s Diplomacy at Appomattox and the Reunification of the United States. 

Ryan Kent, Ian Porter, Caleb Steele, Landon Vaccaro 

Second Place 

Debating Freedom of the Press in a Time of War: General Meade and the Cropsey Affair. 

Cass Fronzaglio, Evan Mesco, Logan Miller, Isabella Williams 

Third Place 

A “Current” Event: Tesla, Edison and the War to Power a Nation.

Maddie Grisnik, Nina Luckowski 


The Compromise of 1850: An Attempt at Peace between the North and South. 12002. 

Fiona Casale, Sanika Das 

Junior Individual Documentary 

First Place

Debating John Brown: Terrorist or Martyr  

Emma White  

Second Place

What We Have Here is Failure to Communicate: The Hatfield and McCoy Feud and the Epilogue of the Civil War 

Isabella Williams 

Third Place

Rachel Carson and the DDT Debate 

Elsa Bandli

Runner Up 

The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850: Failed Diplomacy and the Debate for Soul of the Nation 

Levi Barkley 

Junior Paper 

First Place

A “Spirited” Debate: The Whiskey Rebellion and the Diplomatic Gesture that Established Federal Supremacy 

Keighan Owens  

Second Place

Hope on the Waters: The Debate and Diplomacy of Indo-Pakistani Water Allocation 

Humna Anzaar 

Third Place

Steel City Diplomacy 

Cassandra Lofgren 

Runner Up

The Road to a More Perfect Union: Debate, Diplomacy, and the Creation of the National Road  

Heidi Beitler 

Junior Individual Website 

First Place

The XYZ Affair, Debate and Diplomacy Between France and the United States 

Ryan Noir

Second Place

Treaty of Versailles 

 Scarlett Zolnac 

Third Place

Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921: The Start of Success in Separation 

Connor Seaman 

Fourth Place

The Never-ending Debate: Ratifying the Constitution (4th place) 
Cade Kubistek 

Junior Group Website  

First Place

Treaty of Versailles: The Spark that Set Off World War II 

 Avanish Manthena, Dan Mano, Tejas Palukuri, Arnav Bonigala 

Second Place

The Founding and Development of the United States Treasury 

Mallory Ammerman, Evelyn Lawler, Avery Mills 

Third Place

Furman v. Georgia: Life on the Line 

 Kendall Hammer, Madeline Shelton, Aesha Mehta, Soleille Green 

Fourth Place

Thirteen Days  

Max Cochenour and Michael Kotlar 

Junior Group Performances 

First Place

A Distilled Debate: Gangsters, Flappers, and the Diplomatic Struggle of Prohibition 

Alison Metz, Ally Peden, Kelsey Roskovich, Grace Ruschak  

Second Olace

Child Labor Laws 

John Anker, Benjamin Kvocak, Joshua Underwood  

Junior Individual Performances 

First Place

Wally Funk in Space: At the Center of the Debate about Women in Space 

Gabriella Luisi 

Second Place

Remember the Ladies: How Abigail Adams’ Written and Spoken Debates Impacted American Diplomacy for Womens Rights 

Emma Bates 

Third Place

Marie Antoinette: The Debate and Scandal Behind the French Revolution  

Kelsey Neill 

Runner Up  

Dignity but Dainty  

Rebecca Danovich  

Junior Group Exhibit 

First Place 

Picasso’s Guernica 

Chelsie Clydesdale, Zachariah Meyers  

Second Place 

“A National Blessing” or “More Dangerous Than Standing Armies”-The National Bank Debate and Economic Diplomacy 

Melanie Brown, Ella Thomas 

Third Place 

Cuban Missile Crisis 

Aishwarya Anand, Adarsh Medipalli 

Fourth Place  

Debating the Bomb: How the Close of WWII Ushered in the Atomic Age  

Haley Amprim, Joy Johnson, Cydney Mathers, Sarah Shenouda  

Junior Individual Exhibit  

First Place 

Fight to Vote 

Eliza Kuzy 

Second Place 

Debating the Truth: The Diplomacy of John Adams in the Boston Massacre Trial 

London Kalakewich  

Third Place 

19th Amendment 

Regan Lynch 

Runner Up  

Cuban Missile Crisis 

Landon Stambaugh 

Junior Special Award Winners

The King Family Awards provide cash prizes for both students and teachers who have won first, second, or third place in the Historical Papers category and to all first place winners and their teachers in the Junior and Senior Divisions.  

Congratulations to our Junior King Award student winners!

Cassandra Lofgren, Humna Anzaar, Keighan Owens, Emma White, Ryan Kent, Ian Porter, Caleb Steele, Landon Vacarro, Ryan Noir, Avanish Manthena, Dan Mano, Tejas Palukuri, Arnav Bonigala, Eliza Kuzy, Chelsie Clydesdale, Zacharia Meyers, Gabriella Luisi, Alison Metz, Ally Peden, Kelsey Roskovich, Grace Ruschak

Congratulations to our Junior King Award teacher winners! 

Ross Farmer, Andrew Tressler, Joe Bailey, Lisa Donovan, Rebecca Bowman, Dan Taylor 

The Pennsylvania Council for Social Studies presents one Junior Division and one senior Division award annually for the most outstanding local history entry in individual exhibit. The award of $50 in each division is in recognition of Dr. Eugene Levy past professor of History at CMU and initiator of History Day in Western Pennsylvania and Mr. Leo West long time champion of Social Studies Education in Western Pennsylvania.

Congratulations to our Local History Award Winner: Madeline Prather 

Senior Winners

Senior Group Website 

First Place 

 The Ups and Downs of British Trade Unions and their Development 

Tyer Aftanas, Eli DeVita, Luke Huffman, Dino Yario 

Second Place 

Formation of the United States 

Toby Green, Cohen Hoolahan, Jack Loughren, Isaac Versaw 

Third Place  

Race for Space: Mission to the Moon 

Gianna Portera, Riley Russell, Charles Untalan 

Senior Individual Website  

First Place 

First Ladies: Debate and Diplomacy Behind the Scenes  

Katherine Yanni 

Second Place 

Entry # 27004 

A Pact Shrouded in Secrecy: The Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact 

Brady Daughtery 

Third Place  

Palestine against Britain and Zionism: Britain’s Changing Motives on Palestine 

Braeden Casto  

Runner Up 

The Treaty of Versailles: The Most Unwise Diplomatic Decision Ever.  

James Favo  

Senior Individual Documentary 

First Place 

The “Invisible Olympians”: How Cold War Diplomacy Fueled the Debate Over the 1980 Olympic Boycott”  

Yunjoe Chang 

Second Place 

Debate over Title IX, equaling access for women in sports”  

Ashlea Phillips 

Senior Group Documentaries  

First Place 

Peace at Camp David: New Beginnings Between Enemies 

Christopher O’Toole, Levi Roupas, Noah Vespi

Second Place 

Debate, Diplomacy and Failure: The Revolutionary Failure of the Carlisle Peace Commission 
Sofia Emanuele, Rosalie Krusinski 

Third Place  

Love Canal: An American Travesty 

Rocco Cecere, Paul Domhoff, Tyler Green, Georgia Tsambis 

Fourth Place  

De Welt Krieg: The Inevitable War 

Johnny Bertucci, Quinn Fischer, Drew Hunter, Drew Ogrodowski 

Senior Paper  

First Place 

Diplomacy for People: How Frances Perkins Shaped Landmark Social Legislation of the New Deal 

Lilianna Hug  

Second Place 

The Freeway Riots 

Zachary Hymson 

Senior Group Performances 

First Place 

Secrets of 1945: Behind the Scenes of Postdam 

Chiara Brun, Molly Morrissey 

Second Place 

The Trial of Hermann Goering 

Riley Blatz, Sofia Izaguirre, Evelyn Maiman, Abigail Marion, Quan Tian 

Senior Individual Exhibits 

First Place 

The Helsinki Accords 

Rishi Mukherjee 

Second Place 

Devastation and Determination: The Iron Hostage Crisis 

Simon Meals 

Third Place  

Diplomacy at the Brink: The Cuban Missile Crisis 

Billie Mitchell  

Senior Group Exhibits 

First Place 

The Ten Letters of Promises 

Lily Bauer, Lily Hood 

Second Place  

Honor Before Family: The Willy-Nicky Telegrams 

Genevieve Kadylak, Katerina Tsambis

Third Place 

Broken Compromises and Shattered Dreams: The Violation of Native American Rights and Treaties by the US Government 

John Westwood, Trenton Wood  

Runner Up  

Turkish Delight and Cuban Cigars: The Disarming of the Cuban Missile Crisis  

Renton Biondich, Brody Deem  

Senior Special Award Winners

The King Family Awards provide cash prizes for both students and teachers who have won first, second, or third place in the Historical Papers category and to all first place winners and their teachers in the Junior and Senior Divisions.  

Congratulations to our Senior King Award student winners!

Zachary Hymson, Lilliana Hug, Yunjoe Chang, Christopher O’Toole, Levi Roupas, Noah Vespi, Katherine Yanni, Tyler Aftanas, Eli DeVita, Luke Huffman, Dino Yario, Rishi Mukherjee, Lily Bauer, Lily Hood, Chiara Brun, Molly Morrisey 

Congratulations to our Senior King Award teacher winners!

Andrew Tressler, Joshua Elders, Ken Kubistek, Eric Brown 

Congratulations to the winners of NHD Pittsburgh 2021!

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King Family Awards for Excellence in History
Congratulations to The King Family Award winners who received cash prizes for their excellent work at National History Day.  The awards are given to students and teachers that have won first, second, or third place in the Historical Papers category and to all first place winners and their teachers in all other categories.

Program Support

What is National History Day?: Bring History Center educators into your classroom to introduce students to this months-long research project. The staff will address a broad overview of the program, and components such as theme, thesis, and bibliography.
Cost: $50 per class plus round-trip mileage. Financial aid is available for Title I schools.
Available September through December.

Navigating Digital Sources: This session brings History Center staff into your school to teach students about using digital archives. This program calls for students to have one-to-one technology devices available and for an LCD projector.
Cost: $50 per class plus round-trip mileage. Financial aid is available for Title I schools.

Navigating Archives: Bring your students to the Detre Library & Archives at the History Center for supported work time with History Center educators and archivists. Students will analyze and evaluate original primary sources firsthand from the collection at the Detre Library & Archives. This program will be most appropriate for students who are researching local topics.
Cost: $8.00 per student and available on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Teacher Professional Development: The History Center provides professional development for teachers who participate in NHD, including general introductions to the NHD competition and the value of participating, how to help students find primary resources to strengthen their projects, and strengthening historic interpretation for NHD projects.

To find out more or to book a professional development opportunity, contact 412-454-6314 or


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