Living History at Fort Pitt

Experience the sights and sounds of an 18th-century frontier fort during living history programs at the Fort Pitt Museum. On select weekends each summer, interact with costumed re-enactors who bring 18th-century Pittsburgh to life.

Watch soldiers of the Royal American Regiment demonstrate the proper way to fire a musket; smell the smoke of an 18th-century campfire; and hear the sounds of axes and pitsaws as they turn trees into lumber.

During special living history programs throughout the summer, experience the roar of a British six-pounder cannon.

Of all the artillery that kept watch over Fort Pitt, the light six-pounder — named for the weight of the cast iron projectile it fired — was the most common. Able to fire both round and grape shot, its lightweight bronze barrel made it extremely agile on the battlefield. Our replica was made using the best available research, materials, and period construction techniques, including completely hand-forged iron hardware.

Bring the whole family to an upcoming living history program this summer!

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