Living History at Fort Pitt

Experience the sights and sounds of an 18th century frontier fort during Living History events at the Fort Pitt Museum. Watch soldiers of the Royal American Regiment as they demonstrate the proper way to fire a musket; smell the smoke of an 18th century campfire; and hear the sounds of axes and pitsaws as they turn trees into lumber.

Visitors can hear the musical sounds of an 18th century army as the museum’s new fife and drum corps fills the air with martial tunes. On designated weekends throughout the year, visitors of all ages can experience the roar of our recreated British Light six-pounder cannon and the echo of the blast as it rumbles down the valley. See all this and more at the Fort Pitt Museum, where 18th century Pittsburgh comes to life.

Video from the June 2015 Fife and Drum Living History program.


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