Prehistoric Indian Village

Meadowcroft’s recreated Monongahela Indian Village gives visitors a close look at the everyday lives of 16th century American Indians.

Explore the interior of a wigwam, inspect carefully recreated prehistoric artifacts, and learn about American Indian agriculture. Enjoy the traditional Three Sisters Garden and a hunting camp filled with furs, hunting tools, and fishing equipment.

One of the most popular activities at Meadowcroft’s Indian Village, visitors can try their hand at using an atlatl, a prehistoric spear thrower used by American Indians for hunting fish, waterfowl, and mammals.

Special thanks to EQT Foundation for its generous support of Meadowcroft’s 2019 American Indian educational programming.


All About the Atlatl

Prehistoric hunters used a spear-thrower called the atlatl, a precursor to the bow and arrow, to hunt for food. The atlatl would have been carved from wood, antler, or bone and used to increase a spear’s force and velocity during the hunt for deer, elk, and other large animals. Check out our atlatl video series to learn more about the atlatl, its uses, and to see it in action.

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