At least one designated adult must be listed as a Primary Member on each History Center membership. Memberships cannot accommodate more than two* designated adult members (though some membership levels admit more than two adults as member “guests.”) When two adults share a membership, it is necessary that they live in the same household. However, only one adult may be selected as the Primary Member.

The Primary Member’s address will be considered the preferred address for a History Center membership. All mailings will be sent to that address, including membership cards, Western Pennsylvania History magazine, Making History newsletter, invitations, renewal notices, and all Smithsonian Institution materials. We will not mail multiple copies of membership materials, and we cannot send bulk mailings to more than one address per membership.

*Individual memberships can only accommodate one designated adult member. This member is automatically the Primary Member.

Children aged 5 and under are admitted to the History Center for free and do not need to be covered by a membership. Most memberships include free admission for “all dependent children,” this refers to individuals 6-17 years old. (However, if an individual is over the age of 17 but is physically, emotionally, or mentally dependent on a guardian, they qualify for free admission as a member dependent.)

Adult children of members or other adults may not be substituted as children. Children and guests do not need to be designated by name and do not need to live in the same household as the Primary Member. Seniors Citizens must be 62 years of age or older and may be asked to provide proof of birth date. Member guests can be either a child, adult, or senior citizen unless otherwise restricted by member level privileges.

At least one membership designated adult must be present for any member visit. Membership cards are non-transferrable and proof of identity may be requested on any visit. If a member child between the ages of 13-17 is visiting on their own, he/she will need to show a valid membership card but does not need a designated adult member to be present. (Museum policy requires that children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older at all times.)

If only one adult is designated on a membership, only one membership card will be issued. When two adults are designated, a second membership card can be issued by special request to the Membership Manager. (Additional cards will be mailed to the Primary Member’s address. Cards will not be mailed to non-preferred addresses.)

Replacement cards can be issued if a card is lost or stolen. All replacement cards can be requested by contacting 412-454-6436 or We reserve the right to limit the number of times membership cards will be replaced at anytime.

Free membership admission is not applicable and non-transferrable for group tours, field trips, 21+ Nights and certain other special events due to additional programming and expenses related to these visits. We ask that you contact our Group Tour Coordinator at 412-454-6304 for more information on group tour discounts and field trip benefits.