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The following is a content list of some of the main articles in the Western Pennsylvania History Magazine.

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Winter 2021

  • The Great Migration and the building of PA Route 28
  • The contract that led to the birth of the hammered aluminum industry
  • The adventures of Pittsburgh poets Tom Boggs and Robert Clairmont
  • The oldest downtown street blocks in Pittsburgh
  • Bernard and Ruth Levaur papers and photographs
  • Campus architecture of the Pennsylvania state system of higher education
  • Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall
  • Respected Pittsburgh midwife, Hannah Sandusky
  • John Yodanis and pigeon racing
  • Robert F. Smith Fund Internship experiences of DaNia Childress
  • San-Cura patent medicine and the E.K. Thompson & Sons drug store

Fall 2021

  • World War I Bring Home the Soldier Dead League
  • Washington & Jefferson College’s long road to the Rose Bowl
  • The Isabella Craig watercolor by painter George Catlin
  • Selfless heroism of the Equitable Gas Company, Division B North Side
  • The champions of Bancroft Farm, Washington County
  • WPIAL Hall of Fame runner Natalie Bower
  • Industrial designer Ralph Kruck’s collection of drawings
  • Victorian Oakland architecture by Eugene O’Neill and Charles Chance
  • Fort Ligonier
  • Karen Bryant and the Mine Wars Museum
  • The career and life of independent pharmacy owner David P. Rosenfield
  • The impact of the Cario Family Farm in Bentleyville
  • Johnny Appleseed the orchardist, evangelist, and frontiersman

Summer 2021

  • Pittsburgh’s role in the development of George Catlin’s Indian Gallery, 1833–1836
  • Railroad surgeons of Western Pennsylvania
  • How Pittsburgh’s radium rescued Marie Curie’s research
  • The Flick family’s divergent relationship with Pittsburghese
  • An inquisition in the “Town of Fort Pitt”
  • Sports team “fanimals” and the long relationship between the natural world and athletics
  • The architecture of local YMCA buildings
  • Citizens Library & District Center
  • Curator and collector Michael Kraus
  • A Flaherty family connection in the History Center’s collection
  • Ida B. Wells and her campaign against racial violence
  • The art deco Latonia Theater in Oil City

Spring 2021

  • The history of citizenship in the United States from a Western Pennsylvania perspective
  • Artifacts in the new exhibition, American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith
  • A brief history of the United States flag and the National Flag Foundation in Pittsburgh
  • Preservation Pittsburgh’s work with neighborhoods and the City Historic Review Commission to protect historic landmarks
  • Stories of American democracy from Washington County
  • Amanda Polk, Olympic gold medalist in rowing
  • Commercial photographer Royal Kane’s collection of work
  • The historic architecture of downtown Washington, Pa.
  • Grove City Area Historical Society and Museum
  • Archaeologist Dr. Diane Landers and her dig at Voegtly Cemetery
  • The Jewish Women’s Center of Pittsburgh
  • Louis-Joseph Chevrolet’s partnership with Charles Joseph Sibley Miller in early automobile racing at Brunot’s Island

Winter 2020-21

  • Playwright August Wilson’s inspiration from the art of Romare Bearden
  • Ron Donoughe’s experiences painting scenes from Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods
  • Sister Cyril Aaron’s decades of service caring for the poor in the Hill District
  • Tracing women’s roles in trade through an 18th-century trade ledger, part 2
  • Pittsburgh’s Polar Bear Club, the water warriors of winter
  • Architectural photo collection of H. Miller & Sons’ prolific building projects
  • The Mellon mansion’s influence on the landscape of today’s Mellon Park
  • Spotlight on HCAP: Oakmont Carnegie Library
  • Charlie McCollester’s online program to highlight local historic labor sites
  • A holiday turning point for Gene Kelly, Perry Como, and Lena Horne
  • African Americans saving lives: the Freedom House Ambulance Service
  • The story of an unfinished quilt in the aftermath of a tornado in Sharon, Pa.


Fall 2020

  • Memories from the Pittsburgh Pirates’ 1960 World Series victory
  • Roland and Frances Barnes, a Pittsburgh civil rights story
  • Harry P. Davis and the creation of KDKA radio
  • Local historian James Simpson’s history of Washington County
  • Painter Merv Corning’s sports art
  • Gus Miller’s Oakland newsstand
  • Aliquippa’s United Steelworkers Local #1211 building
  • HCAP: Fort Vance Historical Society
  • Anne Lynch’s Progressive History of Pittsburgh
  • The legacy of South Side corner store Schwartz’s Market
  • The musical Andreatta family and a precious concertina brought to the U.S.

Summer 2020

  • How Jack Heinz and the Cultural Trust changed the Steel City
  • The journalistic genius of Ida Tarbell and Nelly Bly
  • Pittsburgher Grace Wellington and her correspondence with political activist Emma Goldman
  • Tracing women’s roles in trade through an 18th-century trade ledger
  • Allegheny County Feme Sole Trader and Separate Earnings Act ledgers
  • Alexander Sharove, architect of the Jewish community
  • Millvale Community Library
  • Beth Israel Center records
  • The centennial of Negro League baseball

Spring 2020

  • Pittsburgh at the Smithsonian, with images from the new exhibition, Smithsonian’s Portraits of Pittsburgh: Works from the National Portrait Gallery
  • The path leading to Andrew Mellon’s founding of the National Portrait Gallery
  • The power of Hollywood film publicity photographs
  • A collection of 1960s photographs from St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Sharpsburg
  • Portraits of prehistoric people at Meadowcroft and their environment
  • Lives reflected in the multi-generational collection of the Foster and Mars Family Papers and Photographs
  • The work of local artist Jennifer Rempel
  • The Wallisch sisters, a local singing sensation of the 1920s
  • Exploring Italian American identity with photo identification

Winter 2019-20

  • Nick Ranalli and his work on North Park as a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps
  • Entrepreneurial Pittsburgh boilermaker and Civil War Colonel Robert Munroe
  • Early settlers and commerce at the Point
  • Fred Lenn the battling boxer
  • Western Penitentiary’s inmate newspaper, The Echo
  • Architect Louis Bellinger and the creation of Greenlee Field
  • The Trade Institute of Pittsburgh’s mission to teach life-changing skills
  • History of holiday gift giving
  • Suffragist and Civil Rights icon Daisy Lampkin


Fall 2019

  • The 1939 Westinghouse time capsule and other similar projects that aimed to store items and information for the people of the future
  • The life of Byron Earl Shaw, beloved local physician and World War I veteran
  • How do we know people used the Meadowcroft Rockshelter 19,000 years ago?
  • Pittsburgh’s Parting of the Ways Home, an early halfway house
  • Recreating the Northeast Fountain in Allegheny Commons
  • Chiller Theater and the girl with the Terminal Stare
  • The film career of Jean-Pierre Nutini

Summer 2019

  • The 50th anniversary of the Fort Pitt Museum in Point State Park
  • Bradford native Marilyn Horne and her rise to the Met Opera stage
  • Artist Robert Griffing’s painted depictions of 18th-century frontier history
  • Resources for studying local gardens in the Detre Library & Archives
  • The origin of Akron plan churches and some local examples
  • Folk music band Smokestack Lightning
  • The History Center’s H.J. Heinz Company collection
  • The Black Construction Coalition and “Black Monday”

Spring 2019

  • Pittsburghers who served in the Vietnam War
  • The founding and family legacy of Sestili Nursery in Oakland
  • The rise of Pittsburgh’s downtown Greyhound bus terminal and Esther Bubley’s photography
  • Preserving the Miller Schoolhouse at Meadowcroft
  • The Samuel Musgrave industrial photograph collection
  • Frederick Osterling’s residential designs in Brighton Heights
  • Wayne Cole’s experiences train hopping in the 1960s through the ’80s
  • The Hughes family activism and their Vietnam War protest banner
  • The Joseph Esposito and Parkway Landscaping collection

Winter 2018-19

  • The Coffey Club regional Jewish basketball team
  • Influenza’s devastating impact in Western Pennsylvania in 1918
  • Ohio Country Freemasonry and American Exceptionalism
  • The harsh winter of 1761-62 at Fort Pitt
  • Olympian Dan McCoy and the Mighty Penguins sled hockey team
  • The Detre Library & Archives’ cookbook project
  • Western State Penitentiary and the architecture of incarceration (part 2)
  • St. Clair’s Hilltop Urban Farm: growing organic food and teaching farming to new generations
  • Alcoa aluminum’s expansion into the fashion world in the 1950s and ’60s
  • Bernice Saka’s learning experiences at the History Center as the recipient of the National Museum of African American History and Culture’s Robert F. Smith Fund internship


Fall 2018

  • Numerous Pittsburgh company’s contributions to the Apollo 11 mission
  • Profiles of Western Pennsylvanians and astronauts who made the mission to the Moon possible
  • Space exploration history in photos
  • Toys and childhood memories of the Apollo era
  • The history of Meadowcroft’s beginnings during its 50th season
  • Astronaut Mike Fincke and his Terrible Towel wave from space
  • Businesswoman Maude Y. Hawkins and her Hill District sausage company
  • Western State Penitentiary and the architecture of incarceration (part 1)
  • Goldie Kunce and her memories of traveling and performing in a local dance troupe
  • Jules Verne’s vision of space travel in From the Earth to the Moon
  • The Vacca family’s struggle for U.S. citizenship

Summer 2018

  • Pittsburgh Police women’s fight for equal employment opportunities and their experiences while working on the force
  • The rise and fall of evangelist John Sproul and his Glory Barn churches
  • The paper trail and travels of WWI soldier Lloyd Gibson from Washington County
  • The 1778 Treaty with the Delaware Nation at Fort Pitt
  • The art of pysanky and a Penguins fan’s special dedication to the team
  • Bet Tikvah Congregation Records
  • Restoring the Century Inn of Washington County
  • Historic Deutschtown neighborhood and Interstate 279
  • Officer Clemmons, the helpful police officer of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”
  • The legacy of the Craft family revealed through a love story in the book “Heart and Soul”

Spring 2018

  • Governor Gifford Pinchot and his lasting impact on Pennsylvania’s liquor control
  • The role of women in Pittsburgh’s 19th-century alcohol trade
  • Local artifacts from the Prohibition era that are on display in American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition
  • An exploration of the Lawrenceville WWI Doughboy statue and its rededication during World War II
  • Whiskey sales in Washington County
  • The history of beer and brewing at Fort Pitt
  • Jewish liquor purveyors of Pittsburgh
  • Rum running and smuggling on the Great Lakes and Atlantic coast
  • Architect of the Mon Valley Robert L. Barnhart
  • Prohibition memories in Homestead
  • Zoglmann’s German Saloon on the South Side
  • Italian American teachers and the importance of education

Winter 2017-18

  • Frank Hogan, WWI soldier and poet who attended The Carnegie Institute of Technology, and whose life (and death) played out much like he wrote of in his work
  • A family’s struggle with the death of Private Carl Willig during WWI and his remains lost in France for 90 years until new evidence surfaces
  • Tracing the lives and tragic fates of the “Rain Day Boys” from Greene County who also fought and died in WWI
  • A Magazine Grows Up: The History of WPH magazine
  • Preserving by Publishing at the Detre Library & Archives
  • From Relics to Artifacts in the Museum Collection
  • Lena Guilbert Brown Ford, first American casualty in a London air raid
  • The Negro Migrant in Pittsburgh: A Review of the Conditions 100 Years Ago
  • “Gridiron Titans”: John Heisman versus the Pitt Panthers
  • The entertaining adventures of Doris Riethmiller, born in 1918


Fall 2017

  • Alice Bennet’s efforts to provide psychological help to victims of the 1889 Johnstown Flood
  • Oscar-winning songwriters from Western Pennsylvania
  • The Allegheny County Commissioners who were jailed for refusing to enact a property tax in 1860
  • Whimsical themes carved on early American powder horns
  • The Breathe Pennsylvania Records
  • The Hill District’s Labor Lyceum building
  • Connelly Trade School’s recent transformation into the Energy Innovation Center
  • Father Cox’s many religious pilgrimages
  • Mary Cardwell Dawson and the National Negro Opera Company

Summer 2017

  • Amusement park entrepreneur Frederick Ingersoll’s search for a site to build Luna Park in North Oakland
  • Pittsburgh as a musical training ground and education center for African American jazz musicians
  • Pioneering female journalist Nellie Bly and her writing adventures
  • Rehabilitating the Pine Bank Covered Bridge at Meadowcroft
  • The Bryce Brothers and Lenox, Inc., glass company records
  • Horse power in pre-automobile Pittsburgh
  • Miss Edna’s life in the Hill District and work for Hill House
  • Jennings Daniel Breedon and coal mine safety
  • The conservation of Antonio Pontello’s WWII Auxiliary Military Police uniform

Spring 2017

  • Pittsburgh Press artist Nat Youngblood’s life and work in Western Pennsylvania
  • Pittsburgh Public Schools’ collection of significant local artwork inspires students
  • How Homer Laughlin’s Fiesta ware captured the American spirit during the Depression
  • The history and significance of 18th-century powder horns
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Mario Lemieux life figure
  • Exploring the Detre Library & Archives’ Pittsburgh Bureau of Building Inspection photographs
  • Democracy of design in Pittsburgh public housing
  • A North Side neighborhood tour
  • Packaging purity with Heinz products
  • Pittsburgh Public Schools music teacher Paul Lawrence Peeler, Jr.

Winter 2016-17

The Winter 2016-17 Special Edition of Western Pennsylvania History includes a five-chapter feature on the History Center’s new exhibition, #Pixburgh: A Photographic Experience. With images featuring social gatherings and holiday traditions, family dinners and beloved pets, historic events and unforgettable milestones, the exhibit showcases the similarities between the subjects Pittsburghers photographed a century ago and what is captured by our social media-savvy society today. Highlighting an array photos from the exhibit, this issue allows readers explore the History Center’s vast photographic collections and the stories they tell.


Fall 2016

  • Pennsylvania political ephemera in the Krasik Collection
  • Discovering the process of innovation and Pittsburgh’s contributions
  • Aviator William A. Hoeveler’s WWI experience and the affliction of war
  • Romantic friendship in the journals of Wilson Howell Carpenter
  • Cicadas at Meadowcroft
  • The Suffragette Shirtwaist Ball
  • Scriba Mansion in Troy Hill
  • Women conservators of the Maxo Vanka murals
  • Downtown Pittsburgh’s Double X cough drop man
  • Professional Italian American musician Andrea Mazzotti

Summer 2016

  • Astronomer John Brashear’s forgotten time capsule and its contents
  • Western Pennsylvania’s energy sources fueling change in the region
  • A look back at Pittsburgh in 1816 for the bicentennial of its incorporation as a city
  • Fort Pitt’s food supply during the flood of 1762
  • The Banker’s Brother’s pioneering automobile company
  • The Maxo Vanka murals of St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church
  • Fighting crime with tear gas nightsticks in the 1920s
  • Boxer Ezzard Charles versus “Jersey” Joe Walcott at Forbes Field

Spring 2016

  • A Pittsburgh perspective on childhood and toys
  • Preview of the Toys of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s exhibit at the History Center
  • Carried in comfortable coaches, early road transportation
  • A Recreation Park photo comes to light from the John Brashear time capsule
  • The bits and pieces of scrapbook memory
  • Architecture of Saints Peter and Paul Church in East Liberty
  • Hollywood movie filming in Harmony, PA
  • Three Rivers Improvement and Development Corporation (TRIAD)
  • Tuscan immigration to Pittsburgh
  • Go outside and play at Pittsburgh playgrounds
  • Pinball machines and arcade games

Winter 2015-2016

  • Thomas Jackson Rodman and the largest cannon made for the Civil War
  • The life of an Italian American grandmother
  • Isaac Broome and the first Civil War monument in Allegheny County
  • Indian massacre at Gnadenhutten and its survivors
  • Disc golf in Pittsburgh
  • Western Pa.’s Disability Advocacy Movement
  • The Smithsonian’s Westinghouse GP-7 radio transmitter
  • Cedar Avenue house renovation on the North Side
  • Pittsburgh Police polygraph examiner Joseph Modispacher
  • Jubilee of Freemen celebrating the ratification of the 15th Amendment


Fall 2015

  • The life of Mary Schenley and her legacy in Pittsburgh
  • The Westinghouse Atom Smasher and Forest Hills community
  • Early air mail delivery and Clarion’s Aero Field
  • Discovery of Meadowcroft Rockshelter
  • The Westinghouse Time Capsule
  • War bond poster featuring local Marine Corps. Sargent Michael Strank at Iwo Jima
  • William Croghan, Jr.’s Pic Nic house
  • Telling WWII Stories
  • Pittsburgher’s couture clothing made by Charles Worth
  • WWII experiences of Italian American Donato Ruberto

Summer 2015

  • Indians, colonists, and captivity on the frontier
  • Rich Engler recalls life as a concert promoter
  • Pirates pitcher Mark Baldwin in the 1892 Battle of Homestead
  • The Jeep—An American Original
  • Logan’s War on the frontier
  • The Hill District’s Satellites Softball Team
  • Jacob Evanson: folk song catcher
  • Helen Richey’s pilot log
  • “Rosebank” Colonial Revival house in Point Breeze
  • Teena’s Quilt Shop in Volant
  • Jerry the Ice Delivery Man
  • A WWI African American Field Artillery Regiment

Spring 2015

  • We Can Do It! WWII exhibit highlights
  • La Generazione Più Grande: Italian American Veterans in WWII — Melissa E. Marinaro
  • Regards to All My Friends — Leslie Przybylek
  • Carrying the Flame: Zippo Lighters during the Depression, into World War II, and on the Beach at Normandy — Tim Ziaukas
  • The 1940s: The Best of Times — Larry Glasco
  • A Pittsburgh Judge’s Path to Nuremberg and Back — Thomas White


Winter 2014/2015

  • Passenger Pigeons and Medowcroft– David Scofield
  • Pittsburgh’s Forgotten Radical, Jacob Margolis – Richard Gazarik
  • When Commuters Took the Train – Paul Roth with Patricia Finkel

Fall 2014

  • H.J. Heinz and his early innovations – Brian Butko
  • Stephen Foster – Kathryn Miller Haines
  • Percival Prattis and the “Pittsburgh Courier” – Charles A. Rosenberg

Summer 2014

  • Skybus – Ed Reis
  • Wizard of Oz in the Oilfields? – Tim Ziaukas
  • Women & the Civic Club of Allegheny County – Lauren Churilla

Spring 2014

  • Treasures of the Steamboat Arabia – Leslie Przybylek
  • The 1890 Pirates and how they got their name – Craig Britcher
  • Railroaded: The Fort Pitt Block House – Emily M. Weaver


Winter 2013/2014

  • Pittsburgh Under Siege: History meets Hollywood – Michael Burke
  • WWII Cartoon Correspondence – Tom Powers
  • Poptastic! The Art of Burton Morris – Anne Madarasz

Fall 2013

  • Brookville’s Birdman Aviator­ – Carole A. Briggs
  • Cement City: Donora – Brian Charlton
  • Pittsburgh’s Dance Band Era – Paul Roth and Patricia Finkel

Summer 2013

  • The Union’s Forgotten First Defenders – John David Hoptak
  • Waging War Their Own Way: Women and the Civil War in Pennsylvania – Judith Giesberg
  • The Union League of Philadelphia and the Civil War – Barbara J. Mitnick
  • Behind the Scenes of the Allegheny Arsenal Expolsion – Tom Powers and James Wudarczyk
  • All’s Fair: Philadelphia and the Civil War Sanitary Fair – Richard S. Newman
  • The “War History” of Corporal Funk – Matt Masich

Spring 2013

  • The Year that Rocked Pittsburgh, 1968 – Emily Ruby
  • The First Western Pennsylvanians – John Boback
  • Joseph Sibley: The Kootenany Ram of Politics – Lucille Tabler


Winter 2012/13

  • From Slavery to Freedom – Samuel W. Black
  • Black Pittsburgh’s Struggle to Maintain Citizenship Rights, 1790-1838 – Fidel M. Campet
  • Musmanno’s Fury – Richard P. Mulcahy

Fall 2012

  • Gridiron Glory: The Best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame – Anne Madarasz
  • Cradle of Quarterbacks – Anne Madarasz
  • Horror and Heroism: The Aetna Chemical Explosion – Daniel Prevade

Summer 2012

  • We Are The Ship: Art and Inspiration – Anne Madarasz
  • Theresa O’Brien’s Diary: Love and Devotion Behind the Line – Miriah O’Connor
  • The Civil War in Pennsylvania: A Photographic History Part 2 – Michael G. Kraus, David M. Neville, and Kenneth C. Turner

Spring 2012

  • The Civil War in Pennsylvania: A Photographic History Part 1 – Michael G. Kraus, David M. Neville, and Kenneth C. Turner
  • The Mystery of the Allegheny Arsenal Cannon Photo – Tom Powers
  • In 7 Battles Civil War – Nicholas P. Ciotola and Kerin Shellenbarger


Winter 2011/12

  • Guyasuta: Warrior, Estate, & Home to Boy Scouts – Edward A. Galloway
  • Quiltmaking in War Time: From 1860 to the Present – Jan Tiernan Rodgers
  • Vanadium: Stained Glass, Helpful Metal – Joel O. Lubenau

Fall 2011

  • Stars & Stripes: An American Story – Kevin Keim, Anne Madarasz, and Andrew Gaerte
  • Pittsburgh: The Fiery Scape Goat for the Country – Perry K. Blatz

Summer 2011

  • Mary Flinn Lawrence: A Machine in Petticoats – Lauren M. Lamendola
  • Sojourns to Cobourg: When Pittsburghers Summered in Ontario – Marsha Ann Tate
  • Pittsburgh Builds a “Brown Water Navy” for the Civil War – Arthur B. Fox

Spring 2011

  • Wagons for War: How Benjamin Franklin Helped Braddock’s March to the Forks – Alan Houston
  • The Amazons of Allegheny: The Fire, the Riot, and the Textile Strike of 1845 – Jason D. Martinek
  • “I do not believe I was born to be shot by an Indian”: Tom McClelland’s Pursuit of Fortune – Betty Bettencourt Dodds


Winter 2010/11

  • Chuck Austin: Musician with a Mission – Robert Gorczyca
  • Model for the Nation: Sale, Slaughter, and Processing at the East Liberty Stockyards – David S. Rotenstein
  • An Officer and a Troubled Gentleman: A Pittsburgher Commands the Buffalo Soldiers – Patricia Finkel with Paul Roth and Kelly Anderson

Fall 2010

  • Shepherding the Steel City Flock – Deirdre Clemente and Elise Canup
  • Saint Anthony’s Chapel: A Hidden Treasure of Saints, Passion, and Faith – Kathleen N. Bishop
  • Trouble Brewing at St. Vincent – Lauren Lamendola

Summer 2010

  • Beat ’Em Bucs: The Story of the 1960 Pirates – Anne Madarasz
  • The Storytellers: The Golden Age of Pittsburgh’s Sportswriters – Richard “Pete” Peterson
  • America’s Toughest Golf Course: Oakmont Country Club, 1903-1922 – Steven Schlossman

Spring 2010

  • America’s Best Weekly: 100 Years of the Pittsburgh Courier – Samuel Black
  • Pittsburgh’s Civic Arena – Sala Udin, Tom Rooney, Robert Shaw Pfaffmann, and Ken Sawyer
  • Getting to Know George Washington – Jeffery H. Schwartz


Winter 2009/10

  • The Building of the Lewis and Clark Boat in Pittsburgh – William K. Brunot
  • Lewis and Clark’s Boat: Barging West – David Purdy
  • County Fair Encounters: A Photo Essay – Richard M. Voelker

Fall 2009

  • Still Scary After All These Years: Mr. Yuk Nears 40 – Christopher McCarrick and Tim Ziaukas
  • Miners Clinics – Bette McDevitt
  • Student Steelworker: Every Job in the Homestead Plant – Ed Sninsky

Summer 2009

  • Lincoln – Terri Blanchette, Nicholas Ciotola, Dale Hershey, Bradley R. Hoch, and Anne Stewart
  • The Horse Era in Pittsburgh – Joel A. Tarr
  • John Brown and the Cambria County Press – Joseph Gibbs
  • The Limits of Acceptable Behavior: The “Arundel Affair” and the Social Gospel in Progressive Pittsburgh – Jeremy Bonner

Spring 2009 (Pittsburgh: A Tradition of Innovation Issue)

  • A Fertile Land for Development
  • Made in Pittsburgh
  • Shaping our Lives at Home and Work
  • Adventures in Innovation
  • A New Foundation
  • Challenges and Opportunities


Winter 2008/09

  • G.C. Murphy’s Store No. 12 (Market Square) – Jason Togyer
  • The Race for the Forks of the Ohio – Burton K. Kummerow
  • Charles Albert Bowdish and his miniature railroad – Carole A. Briggs

Fall 2008

  • Political Views of a Union Soldier – Jonathan E. Helmreich
  • Buck McGovern: I Have Lived History – Bette McDevitt
  • The Early Coeducational Institution as Matchmaker – Candice Buchanan

Summer 2008

  • Making History in the Wilderness – Robert and Kathleen Millward
  • The East End Controversy in the Reformed Presbyterian Church – Richard L. Lindberg
  • The Sedition Trial of Communist Steve Nelson – Robert Gorczyca

Spring 2008

  • A Celebrated, Disillusioned Hungarian Revolutionary’s Visit to Pittsburgh – Steven Vardy
  • Radio X: Guaranteed Not to Contain Any Poisonous Drugs – Bonnie Sanford, John Benitez, Linda Allison, and Daniel Scofield
  • Coke, Clairton, and Cancer: A Three Decade Push for Reforms – Paola Corso


Winter 2007/2008

  • Coal Mining Disasters of December 1907 – Nicholas P. Ciotola
  • Dan Rooney’s 75 Years with the Pittsburgh Steelers – Dan Rooney
  • Mystery of Civil War letters in the attic – Carolyn Wilson

Fall 2007

  • The Destruction of Hanna’s Town, Part II – James B. Richardson III
  • Andrew Carnegie’s reproductions at the Hall of Architecture – Mattie Schloetzer
  • Frank Cowan’s Viking literary hoax – Scott Tribble

Summer 2007

  • Seneca/British Destruction of Hanna’s Town, Part I – James B. Richardson III
  • The Powers Run Insurrection in Pennsylvania’s “oil boom” – Tom Powers
  • Which Road to Fort Duquesne? – Walter R. Borneman

Spring 2007

  • Pittsburgh and Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalists – Nicholas P. Ciotola
  • Grandmother who entertained WWI troops – Dana Fulton Manges
  • Searching for Western Pennsylvania’s stone iron furnaces – Richard Parks
  • Letters from McClelland family’s crises – Jennifer P. Garner


Winter 2006

  • Soul Soldiers, African Americans in Vietnam – Samuel Black
  • Smoky City Newspaper Series – Patricia Pugh Mitchell
  • Free Men Lose the Vote in Pa., 1838 – Clarke Thomas

Fall 2006

  • First Ladies Exhibition – Kathleen Wendell & Julia Pietsch
  • Mrs. Davis’ House in Sewickley – James Borchert, Ph.D.
  • McCarthyism Hits Home – Robert Gorczyca

Summer 2006

  • Legacy of the Land – David Scofield
  • South American Archaeology Sites – James B. Richardson, III
  • Pine Bank Bridge – Louis C. Martin
  • The Great Journey – J.M. Adovasio
  • Meadowcroft as Shelter – Michael B. Collins
  • Photos by Frank France – Bonnie L. Sanford

Spring 2006

  • Great Flood of 1938 – Anne Madarasz
  • River Rats, 1960s Memoir – Emory MacAlister
  • Nine Mile Run – Zachary Falck & Marijke Hecht
  • Mon River, 1950s-80s Near Maxwell – Robert L. Yarup


Fall 2005

  • Polish Beauty Contest, Remembering Western Pennsylvania’s 1930 Polish Beauty Contest – Dorothy Gray
  • Maximilian of Wied, His Vivid Descriptions of Pittsburgh in an Almost Forgotten Episode – Dietmar Kuegler
  • Living in Paradise, How Pleasant Hills Refused to Join the Cold War – Richard Lindberg

Spring/Summer 2005 – Special edition

  • Clash of Empires, The British, French & Indian War, 1754-1763

Winter 2004/2005 – Special Sports Issue, Including:

  • Pittsburgh: Sports City – Rob Ruck
  • For the Fun of the Game, Sandlot and Semi-Pro Football – Eric Poole
  • The Harris Family And its Ice Capades – Mary A. Biehl
  • In His Own Words, 1936 Olympic Gold Medalist – Nicholas P. Ciotola
  • James A. Dorsey, and the Support of Black Sport in Pittsburgh – Samuel W. Black
  • Wheelmen (and now Women too) – Lauren Uhl


Fall 2004

  • September 11: Collecting and Commemorating a National Tragedy – Nicholas P. Ciotola
  • New Special Collections Gallery – Kathleen Wendell
  • Bring Your Family Tree to Life – Lisa A. Alzo, M.F.A.

Summer 2004

  • Local Women Entertain Pittsburgh Audiences – Bette McDevitt
  • Founding of Moon Township – Robert Jockers
  • Battle for the Bridges – Gary Link

Spring 2004

  • Carnegie Hero Fund – Mary Brignano
  • Palmatary Lithograph At Pittsburgh’s Duquesne Club – Bruce M. Wolf
  • From New York to Pittsburgh (But Never Really Leaving) – Paola Corso


Winter 2003/2004

  • Rediscovering Lewis and Clark – David F. Halaas and Andrew Masich
  • Pittsburgh, The Steel and (Once) Motor City – Dr. Peter C. Zubritzky
  • The Early Automobile Industry in Southwestern Pa., 1900-1930 – Charles Lanigan

Fall 2003

  • The First World Series [1903] – Dan Bonk and Len Martin
  • Line Drives At The Pittsburgh Pirates [1909 World Series] – Richard “Pete” Peterson
  • Keystone View Company [Stereoview Cards] – Cassandra Vivian

Summer 2003

  • The Swan and The Ostrich (Oakland’s Fifth Avenue Villas) – James Borchert, Ph.D.
  • Willa Cather and The Gerwig House – Peter M. Sullivan
  • A Month of Surgery In Haiti – Edwin Bayley Buchanan, M.D.

Spring 2003

  • The Civil War Letters Of Brigadier General Alexander Hayes – Robert Gorczyca
  • The Famous, Missing Painting (Of Hays At Gettysburg) – Brian Butko
  • The Civil War Letters Of Philip Lantzy – Joseph Gibbs


Winter 2002/2003

  • Folk Art Exhibit Survey – Douglas McCombs
  • John Graves – Lissa Brennan
  • African American Quilts – Samuel Black

Fall 2002

  • Cassie and Woody’s WWII Journal – James McKenzie
  • Postwar Friendship and Merci Trains – Dorothy Scheele
  • Gunpowder Girls – Sonya Jason

Summer 2002

  • Meadowcroft Rockshelter – Dr. James Adovasio and Jake Page
  • “Schues” the Architect and Designing Isaly’s Stores – Doug Clewett
  • Behind The Counter At Isal’s – David Rotthoff

Spring 2002

  • Infrastructure And City-Building – Joel Tarr
  • Pittsburgh As Human-Built Landscape – Ted Muller
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