Allegheny Conference on Community Development

The Allegheny Conference on Community Development is a nonprofit organization that works with the public and private sectors to improve the economy and quality of life in the Pittsburgh region. Incorporated in 1944, the organization was the result of efforts undertaken by Pittsburgh Regional Planning Association President Richard King Mellon and Carnegie Institute of Technology President Robert Doherty to address obstacles that might impede the economic growth of city. In particular, the Allegheny Conference was concerned that the area’s overreliance of heavy industry and resulting pollution might hinder efforts to attract and retain people and businesses to the area. Early sponsors from the public sector included Pittsburgh Mayor David L. Lawrence and Allegheny County Commissioner John Kane.  Over the ensuing decades, the Allegheny Conference has worked to establish Point State Park, consolidate public transit operations, assist minority-owned businesses, and develop Pittsburgh’s Cultural District.

The Allegheny Conference on Community Development Records and Photographs include meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, images, and other published materials.  The materials document the urban renewal projects in which the Allegheny Conference was involved, including the development of the Civic Arena, Point State Park, and Gateway Center. The images in the collection, consisting of photographs collected from various photographers and organizations, document both the conditions the Allegheny Conference was hoping to change as well as the activities in which the organization was involved.