Transcript: #Pixburgh: Archivists [VIDEO]

Sierra Green, archivist, Detre Library & Archives at the History Center:

One of the things I love the most about the #Pixburgh exhibit is that it really places our collection of historic photos at the front and center, and so visitors, in an unprecedented way, have the opportunity to physically walk into and experience the depth and breadth of our photo collections here at the History Center.

These historic photos, these images of our city’s people and the city itself over time are really the story of the exhibit. But long before these photos make their way into the exhibit, there’s a lot of work that’s done with them behind the scenes.

We, as archivists, have that opportunity to be among the first to take a look at and explore these collections of historic photos. As we’re exploring these images, the work that we’re doing is building a guide map so that researchers of all kinds, whether it be our museum curators, genealogists, students, or scholars from across the world understand what it is that we have within our collection.

We have hundreds of thousands of historic images within our archives so we really do need to provide these guides to give people a sense of first, what we have, and then furthermore, equally as important, how to find these images within our collections.

But as you can imagine with hundreds of thousands of images, most of them really don’t make their way into an exhibit, and that makes this #Pixburgh exhibit so special.