Wars of Empire and Liberty


The History Center is partnering with the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia to showcase a new exhibition, Wars of Empire and Liberty: Featuring the revolutionary art of Don Troiani.

The exhibition, which is located in the museum’s fifth floor Barensfeld Gallery, includes more than 25 original works of art along with rare objects from the History Center’s collection.

Paired with the History Center’s long-term Clash of Empires exhibition, Wars of Empire and Liberty provides a fresh look at two epic conflicts – the French & Indian War and the Revolutionary War – that dramatically reshaped global empires and ultimately gave rise to a new nation.

The experience begins with Clash of Empires, examining the origins and aftermath of the Seven Years’ War from the perspectives of each of the participants: British, French, and American Indian.

The story continues with a focus on liberty and the struggle for American independence, featuring the stunning paintings of nationally renowned historical artist Don Troiani. Troiani’s paintings chronicle a diverse cast of characters swept up by the Revolution, including Margaret Corbin, part of the doomed American garrison at Fort Washington, who helped keep two cannons firing after her husband was killed.

The Wars of Empire and Liberty exhibition will be on view through Sunday, July 7, and is part of the History Center’s America 101 history and civics initiative.