Prehistoric Indian Village

Meadowcroft’s recreated Monongahela Indian Village gives visitors a close look at the everyday lives of 16th century American Indians.

Explore the interior of a wigwam, inspect carefully recreated prehistoric artifacts, and learn about American Indian agriculture. Enjoy the traditional Three Sisters Garden and a hunting camp filled with furs, hunting tools, and fishing equipment.

One of the most popular activities at Meadowcroft’s Indian Village, visitors can try their hand at using an atlatl, a prehistoric spear thrower used by American Indians for hunting fish, waterfowl, and mammals. Prehistoric hunters used a spear-thrower called the atlatl, a precursor to the bow and arrow, to hunt for food. The atlatl would have been carved from wood, antler, or bone and used to increase a spear’s force and velocity during the hunt for deer, elk, and other large animals.