A Suitcase to Go Around the World

Create your own suitcase like Nellie Bly’s using cardboard and a paper grocery bag. Decide what you would take with you on a trip around the world!

Introducing Nelly’s Journey

Journalist Nellie Bly went on a trip around the world that started on Nov. 14, 1889.  Inspired by Jules Verne’s novel, “Around the World in 80 Days,” Nellie left New York City with a suitcase that was, according to the Evening World newspaper, “14 inches long, by 6 by 10 inches.”

Make your own “suitecase” and think about the choices Nellie had to make when setting out!

What You Need

  • Brown paper grocery bag
  • 7 in. wide x 10 in. tall piece of cardboard
  • 6 in. wide x 10 in. tall piece of cardboard
  • Masking, duct, or washi tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors and/or box cutter
  • Pencil, pen, or marker
  • Decorating supplies

Nellie’s Culinary Adventures

On her trip around the world, Nellie Bly had the chance to try all sorts of different foods. She ate food on board the ocean liners that took her around the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans prepared by European chefs and tried delicacies created by local chefs while in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and Japan.

We’ve picked two foods inspired by her trip for you to cook. Make a dessert that was regularly served on the Augusta Victoria, the ocean liner she used to go from New York to London, and a mild, vegetarian curry inspired by her reflections in “Around the World in Seventy-Two Days.”

Get the Recipes

Download (PDF) the recipes for Fruit Compote and Mild Vegetarian Curry.