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“It’ll Take an Army” Franco’s Italian Army Fifty Years Later

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Personal Connections to a Hero Named Roberto Clemente

An autograph often becomes a fan’s first cherished keepsake, a way to commemorate a personal meeting with a hero. As we mature, few people we meet rise to the level…

“It’ll Take an Army” Franco’s Italian Army Fifty Years Later

Franco’s Italian Army, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan group that cheered on rookie running back Franco Harris, recruited an Italian “army of support” to cheer on the Black and Gold in 1972.

Christopher Candycane: Santa’s Pittsburgh Sidekick

In 1950, the venerable Joseph Horne Company Department Store introduced a special character to elevate its holiday advertising. An “impish, loveable elf” named Christopher Candycane debuted in December 1950 in a high concept Christmas window display. Twenty revolving vignettes illustrated his accidental creation by Santa’s cook, Aunt Samantha Snowball.  

Asian American Heritage at the Heinz History Center

  May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. To mark the occasion, explore artifacts from the Heinz History Center collection that speak to Asian and Asian American heritage…

The Heinz Pickle Pin

  In addition to creating one of the world’s largest food companies, H.J. Heinz is remembered for his innovations in advertising and promotion. One of his smallest ideas became one…

Your Ticket to the Inauguration

  For additional presidential inauguration artifacts in the History Center’s collections, please visit The Presidents in Office, an exhibit as part of Google Arts and Culture. Invitation to the presidential…

The Story of a Box of Candles: “A Beautiful Gift of Memory”

In the Chanukah display of the A Very Merry Pittsburgh experience at the Heinz History Center is a box of candles with 120 years of history. The box itself is…

80th Anniversary of the Jeep

  Rigorous testing at Camp Holabird in Maryland proved that the prototype Bantam Reconnaissance Car could perform like a horse and even tow field artillery over the roughest terrain. Courtesy…

Tiger Brand Paint

  Double-sided enamel sign from the Levine Brothers hardware store that advertises Lawrence Tiger Brand paint. Gift of Levine Brothers, 2012.80.2. Photo by Liz Simpson. A tiger is a powerful,…

From the Author: New Italian American Collection Book

  Procession in Taverna, Italy, 1936. Gift of Michael Cosentino. Italian American Collection at the Heinz History Center. Thirty years ago, the Senator John Heinz History Center embarked on a…