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August 15, 2018

Relax, Pittsburgh – It’s National Relaxation Day

Ah summer, when everyone seeks to break their routine and relax. Today might be a better day than usual to do that, since it is officially “National Relaxation Day.” The day was coined by 9-year-old Sean Moeller, an Iowa fourth-grader who decided in August 1985 that “people think too much about working.”

August 10, 2018

Fort Pitt During the Revolutionary War: General Brodhead’s Expedition

On Aug. 11, 1779, Gen. Brodhead and 605 men, from the 8th Pennsylvania and 9th Virginia Regiments, marched north toward Conewago. The ensuing encounter became known as the Battle of Thompson Island, the only Revolutionary War battle fought in northwestern Pennsylvania

August 8, 2018

Dr. Alice Bennett and the Johnstown Flood

After the Johnstown flood, Dr. Alice Bennett travelled to Johnstown looking to aid victims of psychic trauma, but she stayed only a few days; while there were many people in a state of shock, what she had predicted—an epidemic of insanity—was not to be found.

August 2, 2018

Book Review: “Drums in the Forest”

Looking for an enticing book to accompany you this summer? “Drums in the Forest: Decision at the Forks, Defense in the Wilderness” is the perfect story to enlighten your knowledge of the origins of modern day Pittsburgh.

July 31, 2018

The Discovery of the Miller Lanceolot

It was July 31, 1976 when the Miller Point was discovered by Joe Yedlowski. Little did he know that it would spark one of the biggest controversies in North American archaeology – the idea that the continent was inhabited well before the 11,500 years previously believed.